15-Year-old Karate Expert Teaches Moves to Seniors… The Reason is Shocking…

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Because he wants to keep elders moving even while they are locked indoors, this young karate instructor hopes that his YouTube channel will be more contagious than the current pandemic that is sweeping the country.

Golden Age Karate is an outreach program that Jeffrey Wall started last October to teach seniors at the Friendship Village nursing home in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio.

Jeffrey Wall recently turned 15 years old, but he is the founder of the organization.

Then, just two days before the last class, the Ohio governor issued a shelter-in-place order, putting an end to his personal fitness campaign for the elderly—or did he?

Wall started training in karate when he was just six years old, and just four years after that, he was admitted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

He was just 13 when he received his black belt, and his commitment to his students is as unshakeable as it was throughout his own personal journey.

Wall remarked, in reference to the new quarantine, “I anticipated that they would be really disappointed.”

As a result, he created a channel on YouTube to assist students in keeping up with their schoolwork. Now that younger students are attending the classes as well, his affection for his seniors is spreading throughout the classroom.

In point of fact, a significant number of people who follow Wall on Instagram are currently working on the production of ornaments and other types of crafts in preparation for a potential visit to a nursing home.

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Before the pandemic, each one-hour class would draw anywhere from five to ten residents in their golden years, and they wouldn’t attend merely to observe.

In the beginning, Wall gave demos so that his elders would have an idea of what was going to happen.

As his first illustration, he demonstrated how he performs push-ups on his knuckles, which is an effective approach to alleviate strain on the wrists.

Suddenly, he looked up to see pupils who were at least 90 years old performing pushups alongside him on the floor.

According to what he shared with Good News Network, “my mom and I tried to help them up, but they wanted to keep going.”

“One of our students, who was 95 years old, completed 10 pushups while wearing a lovely sweater and pearls, and she did well! Every every class has a good laugh about it.”

Wall also has a personal client in his 90s who is the same age as his own grandmother and who reminds Wall of her.

Her calm demeanor and soothing voice belie the excitement that lies behind. When she was throwing punches at the target pad before the quarantine, she never held back, especially when Wall would push her to really let go and throw her weight about.

At the end of each and every class, she would invariably inquire, “That wasn’t too difficult, was it?”

Wall told GNN, “It has never been too hard, but I always told her, ‘Just a bit,’ and she would laugh.” “It has never been too hard.”

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She had a flawless attendance record for the previous six months before courses were terminated. It was in Wall’s plans to advance her to the yellow belt level.

Videos that may be found on YouTube demonstrate the energy that students of Wall bring to each and every class.

Each pupil is instructed to throw punches while sitting in a chair while Wall holds the target pad in front of them.

In the clip that can be found below, an older woman with white hair does a sequence of seated kicks that are so powerful that the instructor humorously warns her not to break the target.

The increasing number of people interested in Wall has led to inquiries from nursing facilities located in other areas than Dayton.

At this time, he wants nothing more than to remain in the same neighborhood. However, once the order to remain in place and take cover is lifted, he is willing to contemplate expanding his operations.

Wall expressed his desire to be of assistance in a variety of towns and, in the long run, nations: “I hope that I can help.”

Watch the video…

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