2 Banjos Face Off In Yard But When Music Starts Scene Unfolds Into A Visual Showdown

2 Banjos Face Off In Yard But When Music Starts Scene Unfolds Into A Visual Showdown

The first whiff of crisp winter air signals the holiday season, ushering in the Christmas spirit that everyone looks forward to all year. This time of year brings out the best in people we become more welcoming, more giving, and more inclined to express love and gratitude towards each other.

With this holiday cheer comes good food, fun, pretty lights, and happy music. This goes into overdrive as each year draws nearer to its close. So much so that it has become many homes’ annual tradition to try and outdo each other in holiday decorations!

With many Christmas enthusiasts and the growing popularity of Instagram and Pinterest over the years, decorations have become more and more over the top. No surface of the house remains decor-free, both inside and outside. For many, decorating has become as Christmas-y and iconic as ham, gingerbread cookies, and  gasp  even Santa!

Communities come together to make their neighborhoods appropriately shining, shimmering, and splendid. This usually involves an abundance of sparkles and glitter, lights, foliage, and, over the last few years, electronic decor designed to move or sing along to tunes.

You’re very likely to hear some version of a festive song or two everywhere you go. You’re very likely to see some form of a light show, too. Or, if you’re lucky, you get both in one display, just like this “Dueling Banjos” light show posted by the Bluegrass Island Festival Competition on their Facebook page.

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The “Dueling Banjos” song has been featured in many a neighborhood’s Christmas light show over the years. It was originally recorded as “Feudin’ Banjos” by the authors Arthur Smith and Don Reno back in 1955. Back then it was a duet between a tenor and a 5-string banjo. However, it was Eric Weissberg’s rendition of the song as a battle between a guitar and a banjo for the 1972 film Deliverance that made it rise to pop culture fame.

This year, Bluegrass Island took the internet’s breath away with an amazing light show synced to the famous “Dueling Banjos” song. It may not be a classic Christmas song but it sure did put us in a festive mood!

The light show begins with banjo and guitar-shaped lights seemingly strummed along the song’s intro. As the song progresses, so does the complexity of the light patterns that highlight not only parts of the lawn, but also different features of the house.

The most amazing part? The sounds and the lights are synced so perfectly!