60-year-old teacher couldn’t help herself showing her talent and enthusiasm under “Uptown Funk”…

Dance was taught by Shirley Clements at North Surrey Secondary in British Columbia, Canada. After committing her life to teaching for many years, she was getting ready to retire.

Although it may sound cliche, age truly doesn’t matter. Nobody could have done this better than Clements, a 60-year-old Canadian dance instructor in a high school. In 2015, despite her love for teaching, she was preparing for retirement. She was aware that it was time to proceed. She decided to participate with her students in a yearly dance competition she had founded 19 years earlier rather than succumbing to melancholy. If you witness this competition, you’ll never think of getting older in the same way again.

The younger dancers made their way to the middle of the floor and took up positions before executing some outstanding choreography to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.” But everyone’s mouth dropped to the floor when they saw Clements’ movements.

For a woman in her 60s at the time, Clements was capable of much more than just dancing well. She performed each motion flawlessly, keeping up with the younger dancers. She demonstrated every dance step she knew to her students and taught them all.

She entered a hip-hop dance competition, and her moves were amazing. She astounded the audience by knowing every maneuver she had ever taught. It’s reasonable to say that this former teacher will live on in legend form. Read on to find out more about Clements’ drive and watch her amazing performance.

It’s understandable why a video of Clements dancing that was posted in January quickly became popular. Together with her students, the retiring instructor displayed some amazing talents. About 20 years earlier, she had founded the Outbreak Dance Competition to promote hip-hop and breakdancing.

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I have a great deal of passion for dance, Clements declared. I have danced since I was four years old.

When Clements demonstrated her dancing prowess during a performance of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” the entire audience went wild and she knew her students wouldn’t “forget” it. The females moved back when the boys took the stage for a minute. The boys’ favorite teacher joined them, and she was incredibly successful.

She performed a headstand after 20 seconds, which is something most people could never do. She left the workforce with a bang. Her entire class gathered around her to ensure she received all the praise she deserved.

The teacher showed she could dance in the video, which was nothing short of astounding. She also contributed to building an enduring legacy for the school where she worked. Said Clements:

“I believe it’s incredibly essential that people know they should come out and support their kids. The legacy of Outbreak and what it’s produced for these children of Surrey, which frequently takes a hit, is really significant, in my opinion. The administration there needs to show up and show support for the instructors. And that we ought to do all possible to strengthen this community.

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