A child named Miracle, who is just ten years old, gives birth to her baby… Find more details below…

This miracle was performed by a little girl named Miracle, who was only 10 years old at the time. She assisted her mother in delivering a baby.

Viola Fair went into labor on October 23 in the comfort of her home in Jennings, Missouri. She had Miracle dial the emergency number.

Miracle listened to the orders to deliver her baby sister while on the phone with Scott Stranghoener, the dispatcher with Central County Emergency 911. Throughout the entire conversation, Miracle maintained her composure and remained calm.

On the phone call, Miracle can be heard telling her mother to rest down and comforting her that everything will be good.

“She’s here!” she exclaims as her sister is being delivered into the world.

“Does the infant appear to be breathing?” Stranghoener asks.

The response from Miracle is, “Yes, she is crying right now.”

He tells the young lady, “All right, you did an excellent job.”

Miracle was the first person to congratulate her younger sister, Jayla, on her arrival into the world.

In a post about the birth that was made on Facebook, North County Fire and Rescue said that “When baby Jayla arrived, Miracle was there with a towel to wipe off her face and to help stimulate her to cry and to keep her warm until paramedics arrived.”

The fire and rescue team as well as the emergency medical services arrived on the scene within minutes and transported Fair and Jayla to the hospital.

This week, the fire and rescue team recognized Miracle for her bravery by bestowing upon her a unique certificate and a stork pin. Stork pins are presented to members of the emergency medical services who assist in the delivery of newborns while they are on the job. Miracle received both of these awards this week. In addition to that, she got a tablet with games and a journal on it. On the cover, the following is written: “Girl, you have the power to change the world.”

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She also got back together with Stranghoener, her teammate during the time that her sister was born.

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