A Navy SEAL has To say their final goodbyes to their long-time K9 companion and friend…Watch this touching video below…

Mike Ritland, a former member of the United States Navy SEALs, came to Facebook not long ago to pay tribute to the K9 companion of a fellow SEAL member who had recently crossed over the rainbow bridge.

After 15 incredible years of bringing joy to people all over the world with his visibility, Mike had to say goodbye to Carlos today, as Ritland explained.

Mike and Carlos were close friends for a number of years, and when Mike finally retired, he was given the opportunity to adopt Carlos permanently. In addition, Ritland worked with Carlos when the latter was employed at the program in the capacity of a trainer.

Ritland continued, “He is draped in the flag that Mike took with him on every operation with him, and still possessed Afghan soil as he unfolded it on him.” “He is curtained in the flag that Mike brought with him on every operation with him,”

Mike gave Carlos, who was nearing the end of his life, his favorite meal, steak, as the canine’s final meal before leaving this life behind.

The touching post was brought to a close by Ritland’s statement that “our hearts are today considerably heavier needing to say goodbye.” “We have the watch from here friend, fair breezes and complying with seas, C-man,” the captain called out.

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