After referring to Ryan Gosling as her “husband” on live television, Eva Mendes may have been his wife for years…

In the entertainment industry that is known as Hollywood, keeping secrets is something that the majority of celebrities work really hard to do; but, most of the time, some way or another, these secrets get revealed to the press or the media. A great number of people, whether they like it or not, have very little influence on how the general public interprets the facts. In spite of the fact that she lives in the public glare, actress Eva Mendes has made it abundantly apparent that she wants to keep as much of her personal life as possible hidden from the public view.

Very recently, Mendes managed to sneak out a comment that was a little bit controversial and finally provided an answer to a subject that many admirers have been hounding her about for the last several years: is she already married to her longtime companion Ryan Gosling?

Mendes let out a rather clear confirmation of the true score of her relationship with Gosling when she was being interviewed, and it was quite telling.

After co-starring in “The Place Beyond the Pines” in 2011 alongside Bradley Cooper, Rose Byrne, and Mahershala Ali, amongst other actors and actresses, the two actors have allegedly been dating since that year. The film also had an ensemble cast of other actors and actresses.

Mendes said that her decision to want a family was cemented once she met her charming co-star, despite the fact that she was already an adult. She kidded about by saying to the presenters of the “TODAY” program, “Something really bizarre occurred. I had my first encounter with Ryan Gosling, and it was love at first sight. When one considers the Canadian actor, who is perhaps best recognized for his parts in “The Notebook” and “La La Land,” it is simple to comprehend the choice that Mendes made. As soon as Mendes started a relationship with Gosling, she had the epiphany, “Oh, yeah, I want your kids.”

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Due to the fact that both celebrities are well-known for their famously tight-lipped nature about their partnership, little little is known about the private lives of the pair since they made their relationship public. Continue reading to find out more about the connection between Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.

Gosling began his acting career when he was a youngster, when he tried out for the television series “The Mickey Mouse Club” and was offered a spot on the program. Gosling was born on November 12, 1980. He did not get any official training in acting before beginning a career in performing with celebrities such as Justin Timberlake.

After making the transition from television to cinema, Gosling had an appearance in the 2004 film version of the cult film classic “The Notebook.” After that, he shot to fame almost overnight, becoming an international celebrity in the process.

Gosling pursued his career and progressed toward being an eligible bachelor in the entertainment industry after his early childhood success. He was romantically involved with well-known celebrities such as Sandra Bullock and Rachel McAdams, among others.

On the other hand, it wasn’t until he began going out with Mendes in 2011 that he ever entertained the idea of tying the knot. The A-list actor’s time these days is shared not just with his girlfriend, Mendes, but also with the couple’s two young kids. In 2014, they had their first daughter, Esmeralda, and in 2016, they welcomed their second and youngest daughter, Amanda.

In the case of Mendes, her role as a full-time mother of two children enables the actress to bring a fresh set of expectations to the table whenever she considers accepting an acting assignment.

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“Now that I’m a mother, there are a lot of things that I won’t do. My options have been narrowed, but that’s okay with me since there are a lot of things I don’t want to have anything to do with in the first place. According to InStyle, Mendes penned the following in an essay entitled “I have to set an example for my daughters now.”

Reports of an alleged split came early in 2022, which led to the issue of the state of the couple’s relationship. Despite the fact that the pair seemed to be enjoying their journey as parents, the question was raised. However, this was disproved by the words that Mendes made in an interview that took place in November of that same year in Australia.

Mendes visited the set of Channel Nine’s “Today” to speak about the wonderful welcome they got when they arrived in Australia when Gosling was in Australia working on his new film, “The Fall Guy.” Gosling remained in Australia for the duration of filming.

Mendes shared with the presenters of “Today” that “everyone is very nice here,” and that “my husband Ryan is here,” adding that “we are having the greatest time.”

It is essential to take into account the fact that she referred to Gosling in a casual manner as “husband.” Mendes cheekily delivered another clear answer when she was questioned about the status again on the “Kylie and Jackie O” podcast. Despite the fact that the allusion is not real evidence that the two are already married, Mendes responded in this manner.

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But who is to say that we weren’t already doing it? I prefer to keep it all mystery. Mendes informed the hosts, “I’m a very mysterious lady.”

Mendes also had everyone focusing their attention and asking questions on her wrist tattoo, which she posted on her Instagram account. Mendes boldly exhibited a little tattoo on her left wrist in a picture that was shared on November 16, 2022. She was wearing a yellow tube top at the time. Many people feel that the fact that Mendes’ tattoo reads “de Gosling” is just more piece of evidence that she is already Gosling’s wife. After being married, it is traditional for women in many cultures of Latin America to append the prefix “de” to the end of their husband’s surname.

Mendes disclosed the presence of the tattoo when discussing the topic on the same podcast. She also alluded to when she first had it tattooed, which was a sneaky way of admitting the truth.

“I do have a tattoo. It’s as simple as pressing on… well, it’s not as simple as pressing on. But I’ve had it for many years. I uploaded a photo, and people have been asking me a lot of hilarious questions about it,” she remarked.

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