Bette Midler’s long-time husband left his job for her. The reason will astonish you…

Martin von Haselberg and Bette Midler have been wed for 37 years. Their union has gone through a number of tests, including battles and miscarriages, like other unions. Learn how they handled them.

The American entertainer Bette Midler is a remarkable woman who works tirelessly to succeed in both her professional and personal lives. Martin von Haselberg, a fellow Hollywood celebrity, is her devoted husband. Since the pair has been together for almost 37 years, they are a good role model.

A startling fact about Midler and Haselberg’s relationship is that despite being Hollywood stars, the former had never met her husband until their first meeting. Here are some additional fascinating marriage-related details.

In 1984, Midler and Haselberg first spoke. The former admitted that she found her spouse attractive because of his maturity when they first met.

In addition, Midler discovered that they shared a lot of similarities, which made it simple for her to begin dating the actor. Although they began dating, Midler kept their union a secret from the public.

It was claimed that she was seeing Robert de Niro, and people were curious to find out who her new boyfriend was. Midler didn’t let the reports affect her and kept her attention on her romance.

After only six weeks of dating, Midler and Haselberg decided to take their fling to the next level by getting engaged.

The couple wed in an impromptu ceremony done by an Elvis Presley impersonator at Starlight Chapel in Las Vegas in 1984. Midler confessed that her wedding was a “two people wedding” with no witnesses during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

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She considers her choice to wed her husband to be “one of the best in her life,” according to the songwriter.

It was a special moment when the pair walked down the aisle to a song written by Italian pianist and composer Nino Rota. Due to the lack of smartphones at the time, Midler and Haselberg did not have any pictures from the wedding for many years.

That changed in 2017, though, when a chapel employee sent them pictures from their big day. The only photographic record of the incident is still the priceless pictures.

The power couple seemed to have established their status as the consummate couple. However, their marriage went through a tumultuous period before they were able to find peace. Midler described how they frequently battled vehemently in an interview with Closer Weekly.

The couple’s marriage was miraculously saved after two years of frequent fights and relationship strife. Midler described how their daughter Sophie’s arrival prompted them to welcome fresh starts. She uttered:

“We decided that raising a child was something we wanted to do. We had no desire to harm that youngster in any manner. So, until things improved, we remained together. And so it was.”

Midler’s husband gave up his job as a performing artist and as a commodities trader in order to spend more time caring for his daughter and advancing his wife’s career.

Midler remained appreciative of Haselberg’s demonstration to his wife that his family came first. She remarked once:

“I am so grateful to have him on standby. He is so gracious and nice to allow me to accomplish all of this. He has never even briefly made me feel bad. Do what’s best for you, and you’ll do what’s best for the show, he has always advised.”

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Haselberg gave up his profession, but Midler learnt to make deals and stop blaming others. She said that she had learned to shift blame since she didn’t want to bear any responsibility.

Despite all of the lessons learned, the couple’s marital problems persisted. Midler and her spouse attempted to conceive more kids after having Sophie. They attempted several fertility therapies.

The comedian became pregnant, but she miscarried multiple times. With time, Haselberg and Midler came to terms with the circumstance and concentrated on their daughter.

In 1986, Midler and Haselberg gave birth to Sophie, and the couple has done an incredible job parenting the girl.

They taught Sophie virtues like accountability, perseverance, patience, and independence. The mother of one reportedly boasted to Oprah Winfrey about how autonomous her child was.

Midler claims that anytime Sophie gets angry, she knows how to express her feelings. Additionally, the singer of “Wind Beneath My Wings” thought of her daughter as a “tough cookie.”

Hard work and taking on challenging projects are two more values that Sophie takes very seriously. She gave the example of learning Chinese and landing a job in China.

Sophie told her parents she wanted to be an actor when she returned from China at the age of 25. At the moment, Haselberg and Midler couldn’t believe it. But they supported her choice, and young Sophie entered the film business.

The love of Sophie’s life and she are now married. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak in June 2020, she made her wedding vows. The “Irrational Man” star announced the news on Instagram along with a picture of herself and her fiancé having fun.

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Harry J. N. Guinness stood in front of Sophie in the photo while she smiled and had cake smudges on her face. The couple’s struggle to survive the epidemic was only the first of many difficulties they will face together in the future.

Midler and Haselberg seem to be waxing stronger, contrary to how most celebrity partnerships dissolve after a while.

She considers her choice to wed her husband to be “one of the best in her life,” according to the songwriter. She has frequently gushed about what a wonderful spouse Haselberg is.

The actor has calmly put up with his wife’s excesses while finding it challenging to coexist with her. When Winfrey asked Midler if she was simple to live with a few years ago, Midler said that she was. The actor remarked:

“I’m not, I’m sorry. I’m insane. In my opinion, I have a mental illness. Undiagnosed obsessive-compulsive disorder is something I suffer from. I’m like a rare bird, I swear.”

Midler calls her spouse a “genius” and a “great man” and says she looks forward to being with him forever.

Giving each other space, listening, compromising, letting go, and the capacity to stop blaming are some of the secrets to her happy marriage. Her followers ought to follow these guidelines in order to have successful marriages and relationships.

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