Bob Newhart Celebrates Wife’s Birthday after 59 Years of Marriage – He Reveals Secret to Their Love

Bob Newhart Celebrates Wife’s Birthday after 59 Years of Marriage – He Reveals Secret to Their Love

Bob Newhart’s wife Ginny turned 82!

They have a big family after 59 years of marriage.

Bob Newhart reveals the secret of his long-time relations.

Bob Newhart has been an actor in Hollywood for many years and has created quite a filmography for himself. However, his most significant role remains to be a husband and a father to his family.

Recently, the family gathered to celebrate the 82nd birthday of Newhart’s wife, Ginny. They have been together since they were very young and have remained as in love as at the beginning throughout their lives.

Ginny’s full name is Virginia. Her mother and father raised her in New York City. While her husband is a household name, she is a lesser-known actress who appeared on a few TV shows during her life.

Although Newhart knew from the start that he would be with Ginny, she was a little more careful at the beginning of their courtship. Newhart said he loved being with her because they shared the same values, and she had a sense of humor that he enjoyed.

Newhart revealed that his friend, Buddy Hackett, introduced the pair because they had so much in common. He said Hackett was so confident in their relationship that he told Newhart the pair would get married, have children, and call one of their children Buddy, which they did.

When asked what the secret to a relationship with such longevity was, Newhart confirmed that it was necessary to laugh together, he also said they live a simple life and don’t go to parties or entertain Hollywood entertainment outside of business.

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Newhart Shares a Close Bond with His Four Children and Ten Grandchildren

Newhart and Ginny share four children. Their eldest, Robert, appeared in only one film, “Heart and Souls,” in 1993. Other than that, he has remained largely out of the spotlight during his life.

Their second son, Timothy, also worked in Hollywood for a while as a production assistant. He even worked with his father on “Newhart,” but the position didn’t last long, and he now also lives out of the spotlight.

The couple’s first daughter came next. Jennifer was born a year after Timothy. Unlike her brothers, she didn’t enter Hollywood at all and instead chose to live a normal life out of the spotlight.

Newhart and Ginny then welcomed a second daughter, Courtney. She appeared in her father’s show in 1986 and then followed in her brother’s production assistant footsteps on “George and Leo” in 1997.

While he loved having his four children, he now enjoys being a grandfather to ten grandchildren. He has said that his grandchildren come to him for advice, and he loves spending time with them.

Newhart Talks About Retirement

Now that he is over 90 years old, Newhart has talked about retirement. He said he didn’t want to retire because he would never tire of making people laugh. He mentioned being able to make people laugh was something dear to his heart.

Talking about what his career meant to him, he said allowing people to come and see one of his shows and making them forget their troubles for an hour or two was an incomparable feeling that he would always cherish.

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