Cher Lloyd’s glam makeover makes her hard to recognize after 12 years. Just see her now…

Cher Lloyd’s most recent selfies make her look like she is miles away from her X Factor audition.

The singer, who is now 29 years old, became famous when she first sang in front of the judges 12 years ago.

Cher, who was 16 at the time, wowed the judges with her confident performance. She had thin eyebrows drawn on and ripped cargo pants.

Fans have been begging the singer to come back to the music scene for the past 10 years, and she just shared her latest photo.

Cher has changed a lot, and it’s easy to see since the X Factor judge now has bushier eyebrows. Cher grinned at the camera while wearing soft waves in her brown hair and bronzed makeup.

Fans were so excited about her new look that they wrote about it in the comments.

One person said, “So pretty!! I love you, Cher, and I’ll always be there for you! “, while another asked, “Hello, Cher! When are you putting out new music and an album?”

“You look crazy!” said a third follower.

Cher came in fourth place on X Factor, and her first single, “Swagger Jagger,” was the first thing people heard of her. Sticks and Stones was the name of her first album.

She has said before that when she got to the final of the talent show, she wasn’t a fan favorite.

“I was horrible! Cher told Fabulous magazine in 2012 that everyone didn’t like her.

“I was foolish and young. Part of me wanted to show that I was strong enough to do it, but I think I just couldn’t handle it all.

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“I was mad about how I was being edited, and that made me a horrible person with a terrible attitude.”

Cher was kicked out of the finals in the first round, and she got into a fight with her mentor Cheryl when she said that Cheryl had left her.

“At first, I didn’t have her cell phone number. “I’m more likely to win the lottery than catch up with her,” she said when her hit song Swagger Jagger came out.

When Cheryl asked Cher if she would sing a duet with her, Cher shot back that Cheryl used auto-tune and dared her to sing live with her.

Cheryl was furious and sent out a tweet that said, “Be careful who you kick on your way up.. On the way back down, they kick you twice as hard. #unappreciationisugly.”

Later, they made up by sending each other congratulations on Twitter on their wedding days.

Cher got married to Craig Monk, a London hairdresser, in 2013. They have a daughter together named Delilah-Rae.

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