Couple stuck on the highway for 21 hours in a snowstorm requests that a bakery truck distribute their supply to hungry drivers…

A bad day stranded in the snow on US Interstate 95 was made better by a positive type of highway robbery.

The understanding CEO of a baking company sent one of his drivers to deliver bread and rolls to the stranded automobiles, breaking a two-day fast.

With some cars carrying newborns, dogs, and the elderly, a shortage of food offered as much agony as the cold to thousands of motorists stranded on I-95 after a winter storm dumped roughly a foot of snow on Virginia and other eastern states.

Casey Holihan and her husband John Noe from Maryland had been fasting for 37 hours while waiting for the snow to melt when they noticed a Schmidt Baking Company truck.

The hungry couple called the company’s customer care line, not believing it would work, and asked for some of the bread.

“We didn’t think it would work, but less than 20 minutes later, we got a fantastic surprise,” Casey posted on Facebook. “We got a personal call from the company’s owner, Chuck, who contacted the driver.”

“It was a simple decision,” said Chuck Paterakis, CEO of H&S Baking, which owns Schmidt. “Give away all the bread,” he said to the driver, adding that he was “extremely humbled and grateful that we could help.”

The driver, Ron Hill, opened the rear of the truck and delivered 300 packets of bread and rolls to more than 50 stranded motorists with the assistance of Casey and John.

“We just kept giving it out till we couldn’t walk any further because it was so cold,” Holihan told WBAL, an NBC station.

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“It was wonderful simply hearing people say thank you and hearing individuals express their relief at having food in their car, food in their system, and food in their children’s systems.”

It was a fantastic sensation.”

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