Daughter inquires whether her father has Alzheimer’s and receives an answer that goes viral online…

Families find it exceedingly challenging to deal with dementia and Alzheimer’s jointly. Families also have to suffer the hardship of witnessing a loved one mentally deteriorate in addition to the illness.

Despite everything that is difficult, there are some bright spots. In a recent talk with her father, Norm, Elaine Rusk learned that.

At the age of 89, Norm received an Alzheimer’s diagnosis in 2014. Despite the dire prognosis, his family remained supportive of him. Elaine made the decision to take care of her father full-time. Together, the two of them pass their days playing games and taking in the splendor of nature.

Watercolor painting is a favorite activity they like doing together. Elaine has a unique connection to this pastime since she has fond memories of her father creating stunning works of art when she was a child. But as Norm became older, life got in the way, and he was forced to give up this pastime.

Fortunately, Elaine recalled how much pleasure her father found in painting and made the decision to support this interest once more when he moved in with her. In order for Norm to once again enjoy this time with painting, the kind daughter made sure that her home was well-stocked with paintbrushes and paint.

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