Daughter of Candace Cameron Bure praises mother for “standing firm in faith”. Find out what she actually means below…

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the comedy “Full House” was a tremendous hit and launched the careers of several of its stars. John Stamos, who played the handsome Uncle Jesse and was a major attraction for ladies everywhere, was one of them. Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, who were young kids at the time and played the unique character of Michelle Tanner, were two more noteworthy actresses, and Stamos’ close buddy Bob Saget also rose to fame.

From 1987 until 1995, the program would run for eight years, but, much to the surprise of fans, it wouldn’t be the last time the world would watch “Full House” when, in 2015, Netflix announced that it would be bringing the series back. The 2016 reboot, which changed the name to “Fuller House,” was published.

The Olsen twins would not be returning to play Michelle Tanner, but the rest of the cast would all be appearing again as regular characters or in cameo appearances. Despite receiving mixed reviews for its first five seasons, “Fuller House” fans were undoubtedly glad to see the cast reunited.

Actress Candace Cameron Bure, also known to fans as D.J. Tanner, became another one of the show’s stars during the first run. Over the years, Candace has taken on a number of different responsibilities, including anchoring “The View” and making a cameo on “Dancing With the Stars.” But what really attracted a lot of admirers were her several Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. However, Bure’s decision to switch channels for what some have deemed to be fairly controversial reasons may cause those same viewers to lose interest in her.

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With successes like “Christmas Under Wraps,” “A Christmas Detour,” “Switched for Christmas,” and “Let It Snow,” Bure has been a mainstay of the Hallmark Channel’s holiday programming since 2008. Fans were stunned when the actress, known as the “Queen of Christmas,” said she would be leaving the channel and switching to a new network named the Great American Family. She told the Wall Street Journal that she made the change as a result of wanting to better match her principles with those of the people she worked with.

According to Fox News, Bure told WSJ that “my heart wants to tell stories that have greater significance, purpose, and depth behind them.” Bure, who is currently the chief creative officer of the Great American Family, claimed that she was aware that the organization’s founders were devout Christians who cherished the Lord and desired to advance both family-friendly entertainment and faith-based programs.

Nobody can condemn her for choosing to pursue a professional path that she believes will benefit her, but her answer to the question of whether the channel will include any LGBTQ storylines or characters has drawn criticism. She predicted that the core of Great American Family will remain conventional marriage.

Bill Abbott, the president and CEO of Great American Media, was less categorical about their plans, adding, “We are aware of the trends since it is unquestionably the year 2022. There is no visible whiteboard that indicates “Yes, this” or “No, we won’t go there.””

Fans were quick to express their opinions online about what they believed to be a “traditional marriage” and many criticized Bure for being too narrow-minded. Many of her supporters have, however, also defended her, stating that she is free to hold any beliefs.

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Bure wasn’t the only member of her family to intentionally stir up controversy over such matters. Her brother, actor Kirk Cameron, sparked a media frenzy in 2012 after making divisive comments on “Piers Morgan Live” regarding religion, marriage, and abortion. His assertions that homosexuality is “unnatural… damaging, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations for civilization” and that abortion is “wrong under any circumstances” were among his most objectionable statements.

Natasha Bure, Bure’s 24-year-old daughter, defended her mother on social media and posted messages of support for her there as well. She commended her parents for establishing strong morals in her and her siblings.

“My all-time favorite individuals are ” My parents are the best people I could have asked for, thanks to the Lord. edifying us in the truth of God’s word and exalting HIS name. In the post that was published on November 15, 2022, she stated, “I don’t know where I’d be without both of them.

I adore you @candacecbure for always putting Christ first, she then said, making it plain that she thought her mother had made the right decision.

Her criticism of the media as “an extremely VILE place for negativity” was followed by praise for her mother’s “utmost grace” in handling herself. You hold firm in your faith and never allow others to dim your light for Him even as they keep twisting the story to denigrate the Kingdom.

A day later, Bure responded to the criticism on Instagram, calling herself a “devoted Christian” and writing, “It truly crushes my heart that anyone would ever think I would intend to offend and hurt anyone.” I’ve never been interested in evangelizing through my storytelling, but rather in showcasing God’s majesty in our lives through the tales I tell, the author continued. She also wanted to say one more thing to the media.

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“I have a simple message for the members of the media who are using this occasion to stir the flames of hatred and conflict: I love you nevertheless.”

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