David Archuleta, a former contestant on ‘American Idol,’ has stated that many people left his Christmas show after he opened up about his sexual orientation…

David Archuleta, a former contestant on “American Idol,” has revealed that attendees of one of his gigs in Utah left the venue when he discussed his coming out as gay during the performance.

In a photo that Archuleta uploaded to Instagram on Wednesday, he shared a message that he said was an email that had been sent to his manager. It is unclear who sent the anonymous email, but it appears to have originated from a venue manager or someone working on Archuleta’s “The More the Merrier Christmas Tour.” According to the email, some concertgoers left a show “when David used what people thought was a Christmas concert to talk about his journey to being gay.”

It is then stated in the email that the recipient has to deal with “some very disgruntled patrons,” and it is requested that Archuleta refrains from speaking about his LGBT status at any subsequent shows.

Archuleta responded by stating that he was “choosing to not disguise” his name any longer in a lengthy caption that he attached to the photo.

“If a few dozen individuals walk out, but there are others staying who need to know they’re not alone in this journey,” he wrote. “If there are others staying who need to know they’re not alone in this journey.” “To me, it is well worth the effort. I had the sensation that I was all by myself. I felt my heart racing. I used to believe that because I was gay, I didn’t deserve any wonderful things to happen to me. I really hope you can understand why I’m being so honest about it. It is restorative.”

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Archuleta, who rose to fame as a result of his participation in the seventh season of “American Idol” in 2008, was raised in the Mormon faith. In his Instagram post dated June 12, 2021, he declared himself to the general public as a member of the LGBTQ community. In an interview with People published in November, he disclosed that he has a “very complex” connection with the church and that this led him to consider ending his life by taking his own life during a “faith crisis.”

It would appear that Archuleta is referring to his performance at Delta High School in Delta, Utah, that took place on November 29 in his post on Instagram. It is not apparent who sent the email that he uploaded, and a portion of the email’s language has been removed from the post itself. Tickets for his tour dates in Utah have been sold by Disciple Live Events, but the company did not immediately reply to queries for comment that were submitted to its customer service lines.

Archuleta stated in his article that although his current tour “hasn’t been the easiest,” he has found “peace with it” as a result of being honest about his “journey.”

Archuleta stated in a comment that he made in his article, “To restate what my manager said in reaction to this email, I will not apologize for anything I say regardless of how clumsily I articulate it.” “I am me. And I promise that I will never apologize for it again the way that I did for so many years before that. I also hope that you will be able to be yourself without apology and with love.”

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The request for comment sent to a business email address posted on Archuleta’s YouTube channel was not immediately returned by Insider.

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