Denver’s Homeless Children and Adolescents Get Second Chances at a Local Cafe…

Not only because of the beans, but also because of the quality of its French espresso and its one-of-a-kind house blends, the Purple Door Coffee shop has earned a reputation as one of the most highly regarded in all of Denver.

Two years ago, shop owners Madison Chandler and Mark Smesrud opened their “royal” purple doors with the intention of employing and providing support for homeless youth. Here’s the scoop:

In a film produced by Smesrud for their company, the company president states, “We feel that every human being has enormous value.” “And it is not determined by either their accomplishments or their failings,” the speaker continued.

After the teenagers have been hired, they are provided with training in job skills such as customer service, financial skills such as budgeting, and coping techniques to assist them in effectively managing their emotions.

Chandler and Smesrud, who are now in their second year of operating their coffee shop located at 2962 Welton Street, continue to educate themselves alongside their students.

Chandler stated in an interview with KUSA-TV in Denver that “the most difficult part of this job for me has been figuring out how to balance pushing someone to become better and being gracious to them when they fail.”

Jenna Williams, an employee at Purple Door who had been struggling with homelessness and drug abuse since the age of 15, credits their success in creating a nurturing environment with giving her the confidence to turn her life around.

She was able to land a full-time position at Starbucks thanks in large part to the experience that she obtained while working at the coffee shop.

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According to what Williams shared with KUSA, “The Purple Door Coffee family offered me a chance no one else would.” “Love is the most important thing.

We are more than just a commercial enterprise. We are much more than a simple coffee shop. We are one big happy family.”

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