Donnie Wahlberg, in contrast to his own father, took care of Jenny McCarthy’s autistic son, who brought her down the aisle to him on their wedding day…

Jenny McCarthy had been married to the film director John Asher for a number of years prior to her union with Donnie Wahlberg. After meeting each other on the set of the 1999 film “Diamonds,” the couple plunged headfirst into a whirlwind affair that culminated in their wedding in the same year they had first met.

Evan, their first child, was born not too long after the wedding they had planned. In 2005, the devoted mother learned that her kid suffered from autism; nonetheless, the diagnosis was not sufficient to diminish the profound love that she had for her child.

McCarthy told Oprah Winfrey that it began with “hand flapping,” and then one day, Evan had a seizure that the doctors believed was caused by a fever. She went on to say that the “hand flapping” was the beginning of it all. Three weeks later, when they were at McCarthy’s parents’ house, Evan began acting as if he were high and walked about with froth coming out of his lips.

Almost immediately, McCarthy became aware that her kid was experiencing yet another seizure. However, things were different this time since he was not having convulsions. She then dialed the emergency services number, and when the ambulance crew came, the worried mother informed them that her son’s heart had stopped beating. McCarthy said:

“They seemed to think that I had lost my mind. I have no idea why that is.”

After doing a thorough examination of Evans, the emergency medical technicians reached the conclusion that the boy’s heart was no longer beating. They responded to the situation by performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Epilepsy was the diagnosis given by the medical staff at the hospital, but McCarthy’s gut instincts told her that something else was going on.

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After some time had passed, it became clear that Evan was coping with autism, and McCarthy’s intuition did not lead her to disagree with the diagnosis. Her life underwent a complete transformation at that point.

McCarthy’s connection with director John Asher was one of the things that were impacted as a result of the diagnosis. In the early days after she learned that her son had autism, McCarthy focused all of her attention on her younger son Evan, which Asher found to be very upsetting.

In 2014, Wahlberg popped the question to McCarthy with a little assistance from her daughter. During an interview, the doting mother rehashed the events surrounding the engagement, including Evan’s participation, and said the following:

“This past weekend, I was having a conversation with Donnie… he then walked into the next room, and when he came back out, Evan was holding a card that read “Will,” and he gave it to me.”

When Evan had finished presenting the card, he hurried away and later came back with a second card that had the word “You” inscribed on it. McCarthy had figured out where it was going ahead of time, so when Evan came back with another card that had the word “Mary” misspelled on it, she yelled, “yes!” In response, Evan exclaimed that he now had another father, and shortly afterward, the three of them experienced a sweet time together as a family.

After acknowledging that he did a poor job of dealing with the news of the diagnosis when his son was younger, his biological father has decided that he should have some kind of involvement in his son’s life now that he is older.
It was the same year that McCarthy and Wahlberg were married, and Evan was the one who brought his mother down the aisle. He said that it was the “most essential duty at the wedding.”

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Wahlberg has never once expressed remorse about his decision to wed McCarthy, and he is quick to sing her praises whenever the opportunity arises. Once upon a time, he referred to her as the “best wife” as well as the “best stepmom and mother” to their children. Kimberly Fey, with whom he had two sons, Xavier and Elijah, is the biological mother of those boys. McCarthy is Xavier’s and Elijah’s stepmother.

It has worked out extremely nicely for Wahlberg and McCarthy that they have developed such a close relationship with one another’s children. An earlier interview with Mark Wahlberg indicated that he and his wife are able to connect with one another’s children in a manner that they were unable to connect with their own children.

Evan, on the other hand, is not shy about expressing how he feels in any situation, although his father described his son as being more intelligent than reticent. As a result of this, relates with Evan in a different manner, while McCarthy is able to have an easy dialogue with his kid that is on a more adult level.

Evan and Wahlberg have always had a positive connection, and Wahlberg adores Evan as if he were his own son or daughter. When Evan reached the age of 20, Wahlberg wished him a happy birthday on his social media profile and referred to him as an “amazing stepson.” McCarthy also acknowledged that she was grateful for Wahlberg’s unqualified affection for both her and her baby.

Evan is older now, and his autism does not seem to have a significant impact on his life. This is mostly due to the efforts of his mother, who never gave up on him, and his stepfather, who always dealt with him in a just manner.

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After acknowledging that he took the news of the illness poorly and that he could have done better as a parent, his biological father has decided that he has a role to play in his son’s life now that he is older and that he should be involved in his son’s life. The events that took place with his mother are something that he will never be able to undo, even if he does manage to become closer to Evan over time.

McCarthy is content with Wahlberg, who makes her feel special by showering her with meaningful gestures and presents. This past year in 2019, he offered her what she referred to be the nicest Christmas present ever: he told her that he would pay for Evan’s college tuition and expenses.

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