Every driver on the road on Thanksgiving is provided with a warm turkey feast by the truck stop…

Thanksgiving is a time for offering thanks and spending quality time with loved ones. Sadly, not everyone has the opportunity to have a warm Thanksgiving feast with their family.

On such a significant eve, many truck drivers find themselves scattered across the nation, far from their family and loved ones. Thankfully, this Boise truck stop knew exactly what to do.

The people at Boise Stage Stop appreciate the value of a delicious Thanksgiving feast. The rest stop is situated along a well-traveled path connecting Boise and Mountain Home.

They wanted to make sure they expressed their gratitude to all the passing truck drivers! It’s comforting to hear that some folks are still concerned, said truck driver Clay Barry.

The Boise Stage Stop, which Postmaster Joseph Boyle established in the early 1900s under the name Regina Store, has undergone significant transformation over the past 100 years.

However, they have continued a significant tradition for the past 18 years by providing a substantial Thanksgiving feast to passing trucks. David Rau, a truck driver, is extremely familiar with their tradition.

He made sure to be at the truck stop on Thursday because he has been passing through the stop for the past 20 years and his wife just so happens to be the general manager at the Boise Stage Stop.

When they are unable to be with their family, having this is significant, according to Rau. He remarks of the act of charity, “It has a special place in my heart.”

Kelly Willis, a different truck driver, expresses how important the dinner is to him. We spend so much time traveling, so it means everything, said Willis. “We frequently lack a location where we can be with our families. It is therefore priceless to have a place where we can go and be treated like family.

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According to Barry, “They sacrifice their time with their families to support us, so we need to support them.”

The truck stop provided truck drivers with hot Thanksgiving dinners and a homey atmosphere this year, as it has for the previous 18 years. The celebrations this year also feature a raffle and giveaways of stuff like soda, popcorn, and even gloves—which are an everyday necessity for drivers!

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