First Grandson Welcomed by Sharon Osbourne: She expressed gratitude to God and felt lucky to be a grandmother…

Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy, her husband, were seen out and about in West Hollywood on the 13th of December, 2022. The musician from Black Sabbath was seen shortly after it was made public that he had been unable to converse too much recently.

After a number of operations over the previous several years, Ozzy, who was 74 at the time, seemed to be in poor health as he walked with a cane. While the celebrity and his wife went to a gathering, the star, who had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, used a cane to help him go about.

After their excursion, the pair met up with one of their daughters, Aimee Osbourne, who was 39 at the time, and she afterwards went shopping with her mother. As Sharon, who was then 70 years old, made her way to a shopping center, she made sure her purse was prepared.

A reporter met the former star of “The Talk” as she headed back to her vehicle carrying shopping bags and inquired about the health of her husband, who had just had surgery. The laughter continued as Sharon said that he was “doing pretty well.”

Despite the challenges they were facing with their health, the pair seemed to be in a very good mood as they went about their day. It’s possible that the presence of a very important person was responsible for it, since they had just arrived.

The arrival of Sharon and Ozzy’s first grandson was quite exciting.

Ozzy and his wife, Sharon, became first-time grandparents in2012, when their son, Jack Osbourne, became a father to a baby girl for the first time. When asked about her new position at the time, Sharon admitted to being overwhelmed in a manner that was nice, wonderful, and beautiful, and she stated the following about herself and her husband:

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“You experience each and every feeling. You experience happiness, and you give thanks to God that everyone is well and content. You are aware of how fortunate you are.

The co-host of the talk program said that it seemed as if life had completed a “full circle” for their family. The Osbournes had yet another momentous occasion in July2022: Kelly Osbourne announced that she was expecting a child with her partner, Sid Wilson.

Ozzy savored the occasion and gushed about how much he cherished the fact that his daughter was becoming more beautiful and mature during her pregnancy. Additionally, he disclosed the fact that she was already six months along in her pregnancy at the time.

Although Kelly still had a few months to go before she gave birth to her parents’ fifth grandchild, her father had already decided on an appropriate present for the new arrival. The famous musician promised the youngster that he would get them their very first microphone!

In October of 2022, the girlfriend of the Slipknot singer commented on the fact that her father had already revealed the gender of their upcoming child to everyone before she ever had the opportunity! On the other hand, she couldn’t be mad with him since he was so enthusiastic about it; in fact, he even performed a dance to commemorate the occasion!

The celebrity said that she would be giving birth to a son, and what made the news even more thrilling for her family was the fact that it would be the first child for both her and her brother. In the year 2022, Jack became a father to four little children, all of them were female.

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Wilson’s girlfriend said that her parents have been very supportive and kind ever since May2022, when she first told them about their daughter’s pregnancy. Kelly said that she was thrilled as well, and the presence of her parents was a welcome relief given the fact that her boyfriend often toured with his band and was unavailable.

Despite the fact that he was talking out of turn when he referred to her as huge, Ozzy was there for all of her milestones. Midway through the month of December in2022, a magazine announced that Kelly had become a mother to a boy!

The reality star is said to have divulged that she is feeling “better than ever” and that she has an unusually high amount of energy for someone who has just given birth. The daughter of Sharon has said that she is enjoying the new chapter of her life and that she is feeling healthy and happy.

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