Friends For 60 Years Find Out They’re Biological Brothers… Shocking story…

These two best friends have known each other since they were in the sixth grade; yet, in an unexpected turn of events, they just recently found out that not only are they best friends, but they are also brothers.

Walter Macfarlane and Alan Robinson of Oahu, Hawaii have been friends for the past sixty years, during which time they have grown up together, played football together, played cribbage together, and more.

Both Macfarlane and Robinson were adopted, and neither of them ever met their biological fathers. Both men had comparable experiences with their families.

Macfarlane began looking into his family tree on the internet in order to find his biological father. Specifically, he was looking for his biological grandfather.

Macfarlane was surprised to learn, following the completion of a DNA test, that he had astonishingly similar genetics with another user named Robi737.

Robinson, who had undergone the same DNA test years earlier in order to find out more about his biological family, ended up being the one who was able to claim ownership of the pseudonym.

After further investigation, it was discovered that Robinson and Macfarlane were, in fact, brothers by birth.

After the brothers got over the initial shock of the revelation, they are now making preparations to embark on an adventure around the world before entering retirement together.

According to statements made by Robinson to KHON, “this is the nicest Christmas present I could possibly imagine getting.”

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