Girl Closes Her Eyes To Sing Classic Christmas Carol And Everyone Is in Tears

Girl Closes Her Eyes To Sing Classic Christmas Carol And Everyone Is in Tears

With Christmas being less than a week away, we’re sure that everyone is getting into the Christmas cheer and is ready to spend the upcoming holidays with their loved ones. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you’ll be able to put aside whatever it is that occupies your timework, school, other commitmentsand spend some quality time with those who matter, because sometimes, that’s not always possible.

With Christmas come so many other traditions that each family follows and alters to their preference. Something that my family does each year is to start playing our CD of Christmas carols right in the morningit’s on repeat all day, and anyone can go back and replay whichever song they want.

It’s a great way of adding to the atmosphere of giving and joy, and if you ask me what song I’ll be putting on repeat this year, it has to be the one shared in the video below.

A little girl named Claire Ryan is making heads turn with her rendition of the famous Christmas carol, “Silent Night.” Claire is known to spin magic into whichever song she chooses to play, and her voice was first introduced to the world through her dad.

You may remember Claire singing with her dad while he played the guitar. It was since those moments that the tiny girl hasn’t looked back and is taking her singing to new heights.

The little one is spreading some Christmas cheer this year through her performance and her it’s almost tear-jerking to see someone so young perform with so much love and passion. It’s very obvious that singing will be here first and last love.

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Click on the link below and watch Claire sing “Silent Night.” If this performance touched your heart, then don’t forget to like and share this post with family and friends, right in time for Christmas.