Heather Helm is the wife of Matthew Lillard… She has a real estate license and is active in charitable giving…

The fact that Heather Helm is married to Matthew Lillard has brought her much notoriety. The mother of three is a real estate agent with a license and a philanthropist in addition to enjoying the benefits that come with being famous.

Helm and Lillard have been married since the 26th of August in the year 2000, and they have been together for almost twenty years. The couple waited two years after their wedding before having their first kid together.

The beginning of Helm and Lillard’s love story may be traced back to a party that took place in the late 1990s. The actor’s admiration for Helm’s attractiveness led him to invite himself to the wedding of a mutual acquaintance in order to meet her and chat to her.

Some information about Heather Helm Lillard, who is Matthew Lillard’s wife

Helm is a native of Southern California; he was reared in the Glendale/La Caada region where he was born. She like traveling to places that have jaw-dropping architecture, delicious cuisine, and a deep cultural heritage. Helm worked her way up to the position of director of Special Event Marketing at Disney after earning her Bachelor of Arts degree from UCLA.

She came away from that place with invaluable business insights, as well as experiences and talents that she continues to draw upon to this day. Helm founded the company Portera, which specializes in the import of ancient Spanish doors, as a result of her enthusiasm for the field of interior design.

In 2009, Helm entered into real estate full-time. In addition to her passion for interior design, the mother of three enjoys assisting her customers in locating and designing houses that meet their unique needs. She specializes in selling high-end real estate, but she also works with clients looking to purchase homes in more affordable price ranges.

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Helm has a solid commitment to hard effort. Because the majority of her business comes from word of mouth, she ensures that all of her interactions with consumers are genuine, compassionate, and upbeat.

In addition to receiving a large number of positive ratings from customers, Helm has also won a number of prestigious prizes. She was reportedly listed in the top 1% of realtors in Southern California at one point.

The activities that provide the most joy to Matthew Lillard’s wife are those that allow her to be with her family or contribute to the community via volunteer work. Circle of Friends, Five Acres, and The Pasadena Children’s Guild are just a few of the charitable organizations that she volunteers for and works for.

Heather Helm is a Delighted Mother of Three Children.

Addison, their oldest daughter, is 20 years old; their middle child, Macey, is 17 years old; and their only boy, Liam, is 14 years old. Helm and Lillard have three children together. Macey had her first appearance in front of the public when she accompanied her father to the premiere of the film “He’s All That” in Hollywood, California.

The mother of three does not disclose any private information on her family or her children, but she does post pictures of her kids on social media platforms from time to time. She shared images of her daughters on Instagram along with a heartwarming message on the occasion of National Daughters Day:

“It would seem that today is National Daughters Day. I like these two fruit loops because they force me to be on my toes.”

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Macey is very skilled with her fingers, as seen by the hand-stitched sweater that she gave to her mother for Valentine’s Day and which her mother wore. Addison Helm, Helm’s oldest daughter, attends the University of Southern California, where she focuses her studies on the performing and visual arts. Even at such a young age, her son Liam shows an interest in the real estate market.

The Current State of Matthew Lillard’s Relationship with His Wife

The love that Helm and Lillard have has deepened despite the fact that they have been together for twenty years. On the occasion of their 20th wedding anniversary, Lillard released retro images that documented their first encounter, their wedding day, and how they have changed through the years.

The actor who was nominated for an award professed his love for Heather Helm in his post and called her his closest friend at the same time. After celebrating her 50th birthday, the wife of Matthew Lillard uploaded a picture of herself kissing her husband with the remark, “Today I turned 50, and I’m feeling very thankful!”

On the other hand, Matthew Lillard commemorated the occasion by paying tribute to his wife by publishing a heartfelt statement on his Instagram account. He said that his wife, Helm, makes him feel as like he is the happiest guy in the world.

Every year on Valentine’s Day, Helm and her husband commemorate their relationship by paying sincere respect to one another and reflecting on how far they’ve come together as a pair. Lillard claims that becoming a father and a father of three has been his greatest gift.

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