Here you can see the inside of John Travolta’s oceanfront house, the place where he and his current wife raised their children and which they renovated together…See the pics below…

The actor’s John Travolta and Kelly Preston were married in 1991, and as newlyweds, they were looking for a location where they could start their lives together in and eventually call home. The couple had one thing in common: a home that was sufficiently spacious to allow them to host gatherings for their friends and family, particularly around celebratory occasions.

In addition to this, Preston was still in the early stages of her pregnancy with the couple’s first child, a boy named Jett. And, regrettably, in the end, they were successful in locating what they were searching for in the waters off the coast of Maine, which is where Travolta had gone to meet the actress Kirstie Alley.

“Kirstie wanted everyone to relocate to her large home on the lake, which was designed in the manner of the Kennedy property. Therefore, we went around and looked at all of these mansions. Despite the fact that I adored them, I was aware that my whole family would be too cramped to fit in them “He gave an explanation.

Fortunately for the star of “Hairspray,” Alley recommended another house, and when they went to look at it together, he fell immediately enamored with the place. “After I had seen it, I inquired of Kirstie, “Why did you keep this a secret?” It’s a fairy-tale mansion,’” remembered Travolta.

As soon as he drove his wife to the location, he informed her, “This is it,” and she was instantly taken aback by the residence. The house that Travolta and Preston live in, which was constructed in 1903, has a total of 22 bedrooms. The home has more of a distinctive Shingle Style look overall, and also has Tudor Revival components in the front yard.

The home spans 10,830 square feet and has a balcony with a view of the ocean. It is said that the property has a total of 48 acres of land. In spite of this, Travolta put the property, which was valued at $5 million, up for sale in February of 2021.

A tweet from the New York Post in December 2022 said that the individual “can’t unload the mansion.” The publication distributed photographs of the residence, which demonstrated its spaciousness and included historical furnishings as well as the external gardens.

The walls of the living room are painted yellow, and it has a substantial wooden dining table with upholstered seats. The floor is covered with a rug that is striped and checkered.

There is a fireplace that faces the dining room table, and there is a chandelier that hangs directly over the table. The pair decided on flowery antique drapes in white for the room’s window treatment.

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The living room is decorated in orange and has a fireplace, chairs with a floral pattern in yellow, and a mirror that is hanging directly over the mantle. The living room is furnished with a wooden wall unit, a green couch, and two armchairs.

The yellow wallpaper, a sitting area with wooden chairs, and a wooden table are all included in one of the bedrooms. In addition, there is a wooden chest of drawers located on the opposite wall from the bed.

A second sitting space has pink accents everywhere, including a matching sofa and armchairs, as well as a beige rug and a coffee table in front of two seats.

The outside of the house that Travolta and Preston own is gray, and it has white trim that matches the pillars that are in the entryway. Immediately before to approaching the home, there is a pathway that passes through an area with trees.

In August of 2016, John Travolta confessed that his wife enjoyed decorating so much that he let her take charge of the decorations for important occasions like Christmas and the Fourth of July. She would decorate each and every room with a Christmas tree.

The actor who starred in “Pulp Fiction” said that Preston had given all of the automobiles and other apparatus to him, and he added that the two of them had reached an agreement on who was liable for what.

In the meanwhile, the actress lauded her spouse for having a keen awareness of some aspects of their life. The two people consistently met each other in the middle and collaborated.

“John has an excellent taste as well as a terrific sense of space and elegance. He is aware of what should go where. We will both make concessions, and we will work together on every detail until we get it just perfect, despite the fact that we both have very strong opinions “explained Preston. The pair joked about it at one point while confessing that they had a metaphor for their relationship that included decorating.

In addition, Preston, who was a parent who also worked outside the home, once gushed over her husband and showed gratitude to him for giving her the opportunity to become a parent:

“John does more for me than just provide me with great affection. He has blessed me with two beautiful daughters, both of whom are the focal points of my life.”

Their son Jett was born in April 1992, and their daughter Ella came in April of 2000. Both of their children were named April. In 1994, the couple’s youngster was sent to the hospital after breathing vapors from carpet cleaning products.

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Following the traumatic experience that she had, Preston decided to make her houses safer for her brood, which included her children. She joined the Children’s Health Environment Coalition as a spokesman for the organization (CHEC).

Once some time had passed, the doting mother divulged that after she married John Travolta, she immediately put her acting career on hold since she knew that he desired to have a family. She went back to work but had to do everything from scratch; still, things came together really fast.

The native of Hawaii continued to speak favorably of her hubby and mentioned that he is a good “dancer” and does it easily. “I have a lovely spouse, two amazing children, a special life, and a terrific profession,” added Preston, who went on to say: “I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

“There is absolutely nothing more than a girl could want.”

When asked about their family dynamic and about spending equal time together, the star of “Twins” said it was a blessing because Travolta “is a pilot,” which means that whenever he is on location, he can “fly” them to join him on sets. This was said in reference to their ability to spend equal time around each other. When it came to the excitement of piloting an airplane, Preston said that the man who was the father of her children acted like a child.

“When I’m flying. I really couldn’t ask for much more at this point in my life, “Travolta once commented. The A-lister flies a 707, and in 2002 he received his stripes as a first officer on a Boeing 747 Jumbo aircraft. His pilot license to fly the Qantas 747 is prominently displayed at his home office.

Together with Preston, he owns and operates a private airfield on the grounds of their home. The man who was born and raised in New Jersey claimed that he selected the home because it “had the wider and stronger runway.”

The megastar said that there had been problems “on and off for six years.” After that, the family moved into the quarters while they waited for the construction to be finished.

The family’s house, according to the man who is the father of three, has “thicker walls than they need to be” and is “overbuilt.” In addition, the outside of the mansion encompasses the whole of the dwelling’s length. Any commercial airliner or private plane will do.

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In addition to this, he and the woman who is the mother of his children redecorated their house, and he said that he was unaware of the extent to which she was involved “in design.” Travolta was “glad” to find out that Preston had the same preferences as his side of the family, despite the fact that she came from a tropical background.

“Because my mother collected and dealt in antiques, our home was filled to the brim with them. [..] When I noticed that Kelly had the same thing, it made me wonder, “Did I marry a part of my mother here?” Kelly had the same thing.”

Unfortunately, Preston lost his battle with breast cancer in July 2020. According to the information on her loss certificate, she breathed her final breath at the residence she shared with her family in Florida.

After the mother of three passed away early in the morning, her corpse was taken from the house she shared with John Travolta in Clearwater, Florida, to a funeral facility in the immediate area. After her passing, she was cremated at the Brooksville Crematory, which is located in Brooksville, Florida.

She is survived by her partner, John Travolta, as well as the couple’s two children, Ella and Benjamin, the couple’s youngest son, who was born in November 2010. A seizure took the life of their oldest son, Jett, in 2009 when he was just 16 years old.

Following the passing of the matriarch of the family, Travolta said that he had a profound chat with their son Benjamin about the impact that the loss of his mother has had on his dread of loss.

The youngest of the three children told his father that he was worried about losing him as well. However, his father was truthful with him and explained to him that no one can predict when they would pass away.

Seven months after Preston’s loss, Travolta has made efforts to sell the home that the couple shared together. It has been two years since he made an offer to sell a house in Maine that had eight bathrooms.

The star of “Gotti” has decided to maintain the mansion’s original asking price of $5 million despite its location in Isleboro. He had taken it off the market for a little period of time and then placed it back on the market again.

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