How John Goodman’s wife saved his life after she went through harsh times with him?…

Despite the several problems John Goodman had to face, his loyal wife never left his side.

It’s uncommon to find someone who can endure life with us and accept us despite our ups and downs.
While some people are fortunate to discover the right partner, others are less fortunate.

John Goodman is among the fortunate.

At a Halloween party while filming “Everybody’s All American,” he first met his wife, Anna Beth.
He will always remember that particular moment.

John described how Anna Beth initiated the dialogue that drew him to her in an interview.

The actor was perplexed as to why Anna Beth, who was so lovely, would be interested in speaking with him.

John confesses to stalking Anna Beth from a distance after they first met.
The two were having a casual talk at a music venue when it developed into something more, and soon they were planning their wedding.

On the banks of the Mississippi River, John asked Anna Beth to marry him.

Before entering the water, the pair visited a jewelry store to get an engagement ring because they had been anticipating it in some way.

The couple got married in 1989, and Molly Evangeline, their first child, was born the following year.

Being a celebrity parent is difficult, therefore Anna Beth and John preferred to shield their children from the spotlight.

In New Orleans, the Goodmans built their house.

The Goodmans experienced their own highs and lows, just like any other marriage.

Their biggest challenge was John’s drunkenness.
He had been having problems with alcohol, and he even acknowledged drinking on the set.

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When he was intoxicated, his face would be red and his speech would be slurred, and this was no longer fooling anyone around him.

The marriage struggled with John’s alcoholism, which at one time came dangerously close to taking the actor’s life.

In a different interview, he related an experience in which he described waking up one morning shaken.

Knowing that he might require medical attention that day made John nervous.

He concerned about his well-being and phoned his wife to aid him, even though doing so would have required him to eventually give in to his alcoholism.

He called her and admitted to shaking as he did so.
The woman he married fulfilled her obligations. She responded to the call and made every effort to assist John.

He was sent to a clinic for treatment, where she eventually recovered from her alcoholism.

John and Anna Beth had a stronger connection, and John recovered his health.
John cut out alcohol from his diet and concentrated on making better food choices.

In order to reach his target body weight, he also started working out.

He took his recovery seriously, and his devoted wife supported him every step of the way.

John was able to lose roughly 100 pounds by the time he finished his weight-loss journey, along with gaining confidence and happiness.

After 33 years of marriage, the pair is now joyfully anticipating many more anniversaries.

In the video below, you may find out more about John’s alcoholism and the struggles they underwent together.

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