I Am Not Enough, Maci Bookout Tears Up on ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion’

Teen Mom: Family Reunion has Maci Bookout discussing her own personal issues.

In an exclusive look at Tuesday’s episode provided by PEOPLE, Maci, 30, and her castmates partake in a scream therapy session in which each woman is instructed to scream “something that depicts what we have been gathering and holding within ourselves.”

Leah Messer begins proceedings by yelling “Trust” at the top of her lungs.

Leah, 29, confesses she is “100% guarded” and does not “allow anyone in” when explaining her choice of the term “trust.”

The source of her trust issues, she explains, is that others “gave up” on her in the past, but she wants to get better at trusting others once more..,

Amber Portwood then screams “f—- males” and adds that “toxic” men in her life have frequently exploited her for money.

Amber, 31, explains that she was “trying to replace a gap of love via guys” when she dishonored herself in the process..,

The mother of three acknowledges that she is hesitant to participate in the activity when she is asked to come forward. “I am unsure of my readiness. I can’t! “she asserts

Maci then advances and yells, “I am insufficient!”

Maci begins to sob after disclosing the truth. She then acknowledges that she does not know what “enough” means to her.․,

Maci utters “I don’t know” as tears fall down her face. I have spent my entire life seeking acceptance.

When asked when she first felt inadequate, Maci responds, “When I realized I found confidence in taking care of others.”

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She says, “[I] make sure everyone else is okay, and when your s—- gets real, go.” “Run.”

Macie says she will begin giving herself an opportunity to be sufficient “immediately.”

On Teen Mom: Family Reunion, characters from the MTV franchise embark on a tropical vacation to strengthen their bonds.

The series will feature the long-awaited return of Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham, who caused quite a stir in the first official trailer for the spinoff.

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