“It was a whole mess” Simon said to the one-woman band. What he actually meant will be a big surprise for you…

She possesses whatever the mystical “it” trait is.

Drummer prodigy Mia Morris is also proficient in playing the guitar, bass, keyboards, and who knows what else.

This teen began playing the drums at the tender age of ten.

“One day I went to my neighbor’s garage and spotted a drum set. From that point on, I spent most of my days practicing the drums and gathering various instruments to try out for YouTube videos,” she recalled.

I started recording songs in their entirety and creating videos of them when I was 13 years old, playing every instrument.

Now let’s move on to the America’s Got Talent stage, where Mia continued to astound judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and

Mia is a native of Tennessee’s Nashville. This teen assumed that since she was playing at a rock and roll venue, she should play every instrument instead of just one.

Because, well, that’s just boring.

Her ultimate goal is to spread her poetry and music to the entire world.
Howie asks Mia to define “Looping” even though he appears to be familiar with the term.

She even performs a brief demonstration with her loop pedal, which the audience found absolutely fascinating.

Everyone strained to see and hear the high school student’s demo.

She starts beatboxing to the song and playing a very amazing bass guitar riff.

The audience and the judges were already grinning and clapping their hands.

Mia finishes playing the bass, walks over, grabs an electric guitar, and starts playing again while humming.

Rock & roll is that!

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She comes over to the drums and starts singing “Gone My Way,” a song she wrote.

The one-woman band is rocking out in full force.

And what feedback did the judges have?
Sofia Vergara said, “I think you’re one of the coolest girls that has been there on that stage.

It was occasionally a bit of a disaster, but that is to be expected, Simon Cowell observed.

Although the crowd responded as predicted, Simon said that she was “unique and talented.”

According to Cowell, her spontaneous, live performance “shouldn’t be perfect, which is why I enjoyed it so much.”

Howie referred to her as a “star”.

There were no surprises when Mia successfully persuaded the audience and all four judges to vote YES.

We can’t wait to watch her on stage more because she’s so entertaining to watch!

See this really entertaining audition below!

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