John Paul Sarkisian once filed a suit against Cher in an effort to keep her from making derogatory statements about him…

Cher’s famous father was John Paul Sarkisian, a prominent figure in the music industry. Their relationship was fraught with conflict, and Cher ended up disowning him as a result. John went as far as initiating legal action against his own daughter because of her behavior.

Cher is a skilled musician who was born to an equally successful mother, Georgia Holt, who is an actress and model. Cher’s father is Sonny Bono and her mother is Georgia Holt. Unfortunately, Georgia passed away not long after after being sent to the hospital with pneumonia. The age of Georgia was 96.

Georgia was well-known in the Hollywood community for many different reasons, one of which being her many marriages. She wed a total of eight times, including twice to her late husband, John Paul Sarkisian, who would go on to become Cher’s father. Two of their marriages ended in divorce.

John was born on March 23, 1926, in Oakland, which is located in Alameda County, California. His parents, George P. Sarkisian, who was of Armenian descent, and Blanch Dilkian, who was of Turkish descent, were married from 1888 until 1965. After some time, John’s parents got a divorce, and Blanch eventually remarried, this time to Carl Yegan.

Lucy Sarkisian Mirgian and Roxanne Sarkisian Hopkins are John’s siblings who were born as a result of his mother’s previous marriage to George. The following individuals were considered to be John’s half-siblings: Louise Voutsinas, Elizabeth, Dick, and Harry Yegan, and Pearl Najimian.

John had a variety of jobs when he was younger, including that of a bartender, car mechanic, and hairdresser, amongst others. In addition to that, he supplied fresh seasonal fruit. In addition to having other sources of income, he supported himself by raising horses.

Following the acquisition of five trucks by John’s father, the family made the move to El Centro, California. John was able to launch his own company thanks to the vehicles that were provided by John’s father. Despite our best efforts, the strategy did not work out as anticipated.

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The first marriage of Georgia Holt and John was just a temporary union.
Georgia Holt was John’s first wife. She was also known as Jackie Jean Crouch and was born on June 9, 1926 in Kensett, Arkansas. At the time, Georgia was just 18 years old when she made John’s acquaintance at the doughnut store where she previously worked.

Georgia was completely taken in by John despite the fact that he carried himself with the demeanor of a country farmer. On June 22, 1945, she and John tied the knot in Reno, Nevada, but their marriage did not last long.

The connection between the two people was riddled with challenges at every turn. Georgia had seen that John’s abrupt mood swings, as well as the fact that he was no longer gentle with her, and she was concerned.

Georgia was overpowered by John’s unexpected conduct, which she was unable to comprehend, and she wanted to end their marriage. However, John reunited with Georgia and encouraged her to remain with him for the next three months. Georgia ultimately decided to stay with John.

After some time, the couple decided to move to El Centro, which is also where Georgia fell pregnant with the couple’s first child. Cherilyn Sarkisian, who would later become known to the world as Cher, was born into their family on May 20, 1946.

On the other side, Georgia and John’s connection became less significant with time, and in 1947 they divorced. Georgia, who was left to raise her kid by herself, started performing as a bar singer in order to make ends meet.

After John was released from prison, he immediately wed Georgia.

When Cher was only 11 years old, she made her first acquaintance with John. John, who struggled with substance misuse and had served his time in jail owing to his participation in the drug trade, was free now.

Cher was only eight years old when she discovered about her Armenian father via a news broadcast that detailed his incarceration. The article revealed that he was a political prisoner. On December 15, 1965, John and Georgia were united in marriage for the second time.

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Cher was ecstatic when she found out she had a mother and a father at last, but as time went on, she got more aggravated by her father’s behavior. John fell back into his “self-destructive” habits and patterns of conduct from the past.

Georgia and John’s relationship was fraught from the beginning, as seen by their several weddings and subsequent divorces. The connection that Cher had with her father only lasted for a total of six months before she ended up disowning him.

John was not really present in his daughter’s life for the most part.
Cher and her father had a tumultuous relationship throughout her life. Cher had severed all relations with her father, claiming that he played no role in her life and was a source of conflict whenever he was around.

However, John said that he was unable to see Cher for a period of time after the divorce because he had lost track of her due to the various relocations that she and her mother undertook.

The feud between the father and daughter reached a new level when John sued Cher and two tabloids for a total of $4 million due to statements that were attributed to Cher about John’s past that John felt were both hurtful and damaging to his reputation. John felt that the statements were made by his daughter.

At that time, John acknowledged to being incarcerated for drug and bad-check crimes; but, he said that he had been living a “exemplary, devout, and noble life” for the preceding number of years prior to his incarceration. He said that he developed an addiction to pain medicine as a result of a medical problem that he had to deal with.

He had disparaged Cher, claiming that Sonny Bono was the one responsible for her success, not the other way around, and that she would not have been famous without Sonny Bono. The disagreement became more severe once the picture was sold. Cher posed for a picture with her father and grandchild after having the picture shot.

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Later on, John used the image to verify his connection with Cher to a rug dealer so that Cher would pay a bad check that he had written. He sold the photograph to the rug dealer. Cher has promised to cut off any communication with her father in the future. Even at the time of her father’s passing, she did not have any particularly deep feelings for him.

Despite this, Georgia was of the opinion that John had a significant role in Cher’s life. She brought up the fact that Sonny and Cher’s dads had comparable heights and builds in conversation.

Georgia advised that Cher should marry Sonny, who was 12 years older than she was, since he was like a father to her. At first, Cher could not see the parallels between the two, but Georgia insisted that she should.

Except for Cher, John Did Not Have Any Children.

John chose not to get married again after the difficult experience he had with Georgia. In addition to that, he did not have any more children than Cher. At the age of 58, he passed away in Fresno County, California, on January 28, 1985.

It seems that the late horse breeder was the youngest of his siblings to passed away after all is said and done. His older sister Elizabeth went away in 2007 at the age of 88, while his younger sister Roxanne passed away in 2019 at the age of 95.

Lucy, John’s other sister, outlived all of them and passed away in 2021 at the age of 114 after having lived till that age. There is absolutely no information available on the lives of John’s half-siblings. The death of John’s mother occurred in June of 1979 when she was 80 years old. Carl, John’s mother’s second husband, passed away in 1969. He was 75.

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