Like grandfather, like grandson. Johnny Cash’s grandson also sings and sounds just like him…

Coming from modest beginnings, Johnny Cash was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor who is now regarded as one of the greatest musical artists of all time. Johnny’s song and distinctive all-black stage outfit earned him the nickname “The Man in Black.” The songs “I Walk the Line,” “Ring of Fire,” and “Folsom Prison Blues” are among of the artist’s most well-known successes. Since his debut in the early 1950s, the late artist has sold more over 90 million records worldwide as a result of his successes.

After leading a remarkable life marked by professional and personal achievements, Johnny received a diabetes diagnosis in his 60s. On September 12, 2003, he would pass away from the disease and its side effects at the age of 71.

But Johnny kept on putting out music and performing up until his death. He first put out the album “American III: Solitary Man” in 2000, and then in 2002 he put out “American IV: The Man Comes Around.” Johnny got appreciation for his work and even won a Grammy for the “Hurt” music video despite his illness and declining health. One of Johnny Cash’s final songs included a duet with his daughter Rosanne Cash, which was released in March 2003 on her album “Rules of Travel.” Johnny passed away a half year later.

Through his family, especially his grandson Thomas Gabriel, Johnny’s legacy has persisted. Gabriel’s singing voice is exactly like that of his late grandfather, even if he doesn’t resemble the well-known country musician in terms of appearance.

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The fact that both Johnny and June Carter were married to other people when they met may surprise many individuals who are not aware with the couple’s early years together. At the time, Johnny had four daughters—Rosanne, Kathy, Cindy, and Tara—with Vivian Liberto Cash, his wife.

Additionally, it’s possible that few people are aware that Carter had a successful singing career before to meeting Johnny. The Carter Sisters and Mother Maybelle included Carter in their group. After starting a solo career, she frequently performed on stage with Elvis Presley because they were good friends.

Carter’s meeting with Johnny was pressed upon by Presley. Carter had been listening to Presley perform Johnny’s music. Carter and Johnny met following their 1956 performance at Nashville’s illustrious Grand Ole Opry, according to Country Living.

While Johnny and Carter, better known as Johnny and June, gained worldwide acclaim, Johnny’s family is a product of his two marriages. In fact, his daughter Kathy, whom he had with Vivian, gave birth to his eldest grandson Gabriel, who went on to become a well-known actor.

In a 2018 video shot at a personal gathering, Gabriel sang the well-known song Johnny made famous, “Folsom Prison Blues.”

“Folsom Prison Blues” started to be played by a band. Then a man wearing a black hat came up to the microphone. As he held the microphone, his tattoos on both arms were clearly visible. A country song was going to be sung by a lone man. He seemed to be taking part in a typical karaoke session in a nearby tavern.

However, a live band is not something you typically see at such an event.

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Gabriel did not reveal the surprise that awaited as he opened his mouth to sing. He conducted his entire act in a very understated manner. He hurried to the front of the stage with no fanfare whatsoever.

When Gabriel began to sing, it appeared as though a recording of Johnny had being played. The actual deal, though, is this young man. His grandfather is Johnny.

When Gabriel was 21 years old, Johnny acknowledged his musical and vocal skills but advised him to choose a different professional route.

In an interview with Forbes in 2018, Gabriel remarked, “He said the writing’s fantastic, your voice are good, but you need to improve on it.” I want you to put it off and make a backup plan in the interim.

Gabriel claims that his grandfather discouraged him from pursuing a career in music out of concern that his grandkid would fall victim to addiction, much like he had in the past.

Gabriel decided to pursue a career in police enforcement rather than music, although he ultimately took that path. He would go on to battle addiction for years and have numerous run-ins with the law, even spending ten years in jail.

But in 2015, when he got a call from retired businessman Brian Oxley, everything changed for the better. Oxley was so taken by Johnny that he ended up buying his old farm in Bon Aqua, Tennessee, and turning it into a tourist destination. He began investigating Johnny’s family after learning that his grandson Gabriel was having difficulties. Gabriel said that his only goal in life was to become a musician during their lengthy conversation.

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“I merely said that I wanted to return to music. I spent time in prison and composed all of these songs, but neither I nor they are doing anything “Gabriel thought back. “I want to resume making music.

Only on the condition that Gabriel entered rehab and put his life back together would Oxley agree to provide assistance. One year later, Oxley contacted Gabriel once more and helped him realize his aspirations by helping him get his first album recorded.

Gabriel now performs both original music and tributes to his late granddad.

He told the Irish Mirror that getting to sing them was an honor. “I consider them to be passed down, thus it is continuing a tradition. They certainly don’t strike me as cover songs.

Watch the amazing performance here:

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