Michael Bublé’s love to her longtime wife was at the first sight. She had an astonishing opinion about him, though…

Before Michael Bublé married his wife, Luisana Lopilato, she was convinced he was a homosexual! She even informed her mother about her suspicions but little did she know what the future held for them!

For Valentine’s Day in 2022, Luisana Lopilato posted a beautiful and private black-and-white photo of herself and her husband, Michael Bublé, on her Instagram page. The picture showed the pair laying in bed, their foreheads in contact.

The singer placed his hand on his wife’s neck while they both had their eyes closed. The star’s significant other wished everyone a happy Valentine’s Day full of friendship and love in the post’s caption.

Before saying that having Michael in her life was the best present imaginable, Lopilato continued by wishing Michael the same. She also expressed her gratitude to God for allowing their paths to cross.

In the music video for her husband’s track, “I’ll Never Not Love You,” from February 2022, observant fans could see that Lopilato had a developing baby belly. They are expecting their fourth child, which Michael subsequently confirmed in an Instagram post!

In an interview with the Canadian entertainment program “eTalk” in 2015, Michael said that he hadn’t treated his previous partners well. The celebrity openly acknowledged his prior errors by saying:

I was irresponsible and negligent with the hearts of the ladies I was with. I was a jerk.

Because he had earned it for his poor actions, the musician explained how he received karma. Michael claimed he kicked long enough to take a hard look in the mirror and decide he didn’t want a repetition because his heart and bottom were injured.

From 2005 until 2008, the celebrity was involved in a few romances, including one with ex-fiancée Emily Blunt. The actress was characterized by the Canadian singer as a loving and attractive person who was appreciative of their time together.

He claimed that being with her helped him discover how to love himself; in some cases, he could be with someone similar to his wife, Lopilato. Michael clarified that, contrary to misconceptions, their relationship had not ended due to infidelity.

He said that it ended because they weren’t the appropriate fit for one another. The musician said their relationship broke down because of schedule conflicts two months after they split up in 2008.

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Regardless of the circumstances, the musician, who will soon become a father of 4, acknowledged that the breakup was difficult for him. He acknowledged that after his relationship ended, he would “curl up in a ball and scream.”

Michael claimed in a 2011 interview that the breakup was the result of “both of us being young and dumb and making silly mistakes.” He acknowledged his mistakes and expressed his “devastation” at the outcome.

Michael talked to Access in January 2019 and shared the story of how he and his wife first connected. Security had brought the performer from the Buenos Aires venue where he had just finished his set to the van waiting for his granddad in the basement.

The singer experienced a sudden, profound sense of sadness when she saw Lopilato across the parking lot during the 2009 event. He reported seeing the most stunning woman he had ever seen to his granddad.

A friend from the musician’s label asked him whether he’d mind meeting a few actresses from that nation while he was enjoying cocktails at his hotel a few hours later. As luck would have it, Lopilato was one of them!

Michael believed the woman of his dreams was already taken as she entered the room with a man. He didn’t talk to her because the Argentinean didn’t speak much English anyway.

The Canadian singer finally mustered up the liquid bravery to compliment Lopilato and her companion, calling them a cute couple. He learned that they weren’t dating at that point!

Michael was told by the man who arrived with Lopilato that she liked him! He believed it to be too late, though, as she had already phoned her mother to inform her that Michael was gay and was drawn to the companion she had brought.

Michael had someone translate to the actress, “You are my wife; you just don’t know it yet,” after learning the news. Lopilato chuckled and observed that every man wished to be her husband.

The artist wanted to travel to Argentina for three days and wrote the actress three months later. He claimed he wished to meet Lopilato’s family and deepen his relationship with her.

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The two fell in love on that visit since her family accepted him right away. She was given the opportunity to meet Michael’s family at their Los Angeles home a month later, and they welcomed her with open arms.

Then, while the pair was staying at Lopilato’s house with her family, he declared in Spanish his desire to wed her. Up until he pulled out an engagement ring and brought the family to tears, everyone assumed he was kidding!

Lopilato and Michael married civilly in 2011 before holding a spectacular second ceremony. On April 2, 2011, 300 family and friends gathered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the couple’s traditional wedding ceremony.

The following month, the couple was also supposed to have a third, larger wedding party in Canada. The joyful couple soon became pregnant, and on August 27, 2013, they welcomed their first child, Noah, into the world in Vancouver, Canada.

Michael explained how he and his wife would argue over Noah’s name before deciding on it. The actor revealed that Lopilato thought the boy should have been named “Dirt… Dirt Bublé!” since it sounded wonderful in Spanish.

The musician announced he and his wife were expecting a second kid in 2015, which was nearly two years later. The celebrity revealed their intended family size in an interview with People magazine, stating:

If we are blessed, my wife and I would really like to have three, four, or five children. And if we can’t accomplish it naturally, we’ll adopt a different strategy.

Michael described how Noah was informed of the pregnancy before the couple welcomed their second child. He sat the young child down and informed him that everyone else was “simply icing on the cake,” and that he was his father’s first.

In a Facebook video from July 2015, Noah caressed his mother’s exposed belly and exclaimed, “Baby!” On January 22, 2016, a baby boy named Elias was born, and his father shared the news on Instagram.

Michael’s wife tragically texted him just before he took the stage in London in October 2016 to let him know that Noah had liver cancer. The young boy was treated in a hospital for the following seven months while the family was there.

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The “Just Haven’t Met You Yet” singer Michael Bublé was questioned by Pride Source in 2016 about if his wife Luisana Lopilato now believes he is gay.

Finally able to leave the hospital in 2017, Noah continued to improve as his illness entered remission. The Grammy Award-winning artist claimed that his son’s battle inspired him to live a richer life five years later, in 2021.

He saw that despite life’s difficulties, there was always a bright side. The singer thought their son was managing it far better than they were, adding: “Michael and Lopilato still had to take their son for scans and experienced what they dubbed “scanxiety.”

I believe that in his eyes, he is just a typical little child who is aware of his superhero status due to constant reminders from his father.

Lopilato and Michael welcomed Vida, their third child and first daughter, between dealing with Noah’s diagnosis. A year after her older sister entered remission, the young child was born.

Michael freely admitted in April 2022 that he and his wife almost divorced before their union ever got off the ground. On their honeymoon, the couple thought about “annulling their marriage” when they were at Disney.

After a severe argument where they believed they had made a mistake in getting married, the decision was almost made. The musician had admitted to his wife that he couldn’t tolerate her either, but he had moved away and given the situation some thought before deciding to move forward.

Later in adulthood, Lopilato’s first intuition that he was gay resurfaced in a comical way. The singer of “Just Haven’t Met You Yet” was asked by Pride Source in 2016 if his wife now presumed he was gay.

Michael laughed and added that he had already suspected as much, especially since they had kids together. He made fun of the fact that every night when he said, “Mmmmm?,” the actress would reply, “No, I have a headache,” indicating that she knew he was straight.

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