Michael Douglas’s wife requested Kathleen Turner to not touch him until a special event…

Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner nearly had a relationship while they were coworkers, according to Kathleen Turner. Off-screen, the chemistry between the two was more powerful, and their connection was obvious.

In 2019, the actress Kathleen Turner claimed that she and the actor Michael Douglas grew close while working together on the iconic movie “Romancing the Stone” from 1984.

Turner admitted that she and the Academy Award winner were bad at flirting and that their sexual attraction was too real.

The 67-year-old recalled to the Daily Mail about how close they grew at the time, “The connection was there, and Michael and I were both awful flirts.”

Turner said she believed the 76-year-old and his wife were no longer together. Then, one day, as she approached the set, she discovered his spouse standing beside him: “I believed Michael and I were divorced. I was feeling quite amorous toward him while we were walking through the bush. It was bound to take place. Then, when I arrived on set one day, his wife appeared out of nowhere.”

Interracial couple Douglas and Diandra Luker had been wed for six years. Turner looked at her, and she recognized at once that he was a married man:

“I got that very clear from her when she sat next to him. That ended the matter. You don’t tamper with the husband of another woman.”

Oh, I was yearning, darling,” Turner revealed in the May 2021 issue of People, adding that she thought there might be a chance for a genuine romance between the two of them. From the action-adventure romp, Douglas and Turner rose to fame as one of Hollywood’s most enduring romantic comedy duos. The Tony Award nominee recalled the relationship from the movie’s moments with affection: “You know, that amazing sexual tension. when you truly, really desire someone but are unable to have them. I’m saying it went both ways. It really is lovely.”

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Another encounter saw Turner being warned by Luker to keep her hands away from her spouse. Turner and Douglas were having supper in a hotel in Valencia when his wife showed up.

That provided her the opportunity to speak in front of me. Turner remembered. Luker told her, “You know we’re still married, and I have no intention of terminating it,” as she reached out to stroke an imagined hand.

Turner thought to herself, ” “So that’s it. Interfering with that is the absolute last thing I would do to a woman. I had the flu.” Like falling in love was thrilling, the Missouri native claimed that she felt as though she had been punched in the gut. Despite this, she and Douglas remained friends for more than 40 years.

Although her relationship with Douglas did not work out as planned, Turner finally fell in love with real estate mogul Jay Weiss, with whom she has a 34-year-old daughter. In 1984, the pair was hitched, and the “The star of “Body Heat” reflected on their special day, saying, “Jay and I had one of the nicest weddings ever. We rented out a sizable beach house to both families. In the dunes, Jay and I lived in a little home. Everyone enjoyed themselves and got to know one another.”

In October 1987, the couple gave birth to Rachel, their only child. Turner claimed that her partner got up every morning at 5 a.m. to be to the hospital in time for the newborn’s first feeding and the new mother.

When they returned home, Turner had her 9 p.m., midnight, and 3 a.m. feeding schedule and would lay in bed to feed her child while Weiss had the 6 a.m. routine.

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In March 2008, Turner told People that parenthood was a lovely process. She acknowledged that she wasn’t the best mother for the baby but that she had a beautiful Filipino nurse who helped and did an amazing job.

The two-time Golden Globe Award winner was open about her connection with Weiss, admitting that he completely won her over. They unexpectedly divorced in 2007 after 23 years of marriage, yet they kept a good relationship. Turner claimed that her child’s father was also her best friend, and the two regularly had lunch together.

During that time, they traveled up to visit their daughter who was attending college, and they regularly took family vacations. The couple’s beach house in Amagansett, at the eastern tip of Long Island, was sold during their divorce. Turner was pleased to give the family dog to Weiss, thus he ended up with it.

When asked what she learned from her marriage, the devoted mother stated it taught her to never lose sight of the influence one’s actions have on those around them.

Turner admitted openly that she didn’t do as effectively in her union as she should have, adding that her drinking habits were undoubtedly a major issue.

Weiss, on the other hand, didn’t look back on their time together with remorse. In fact, during an appearance on FirstWivesWorld in January 2008, she openly praised Turner. Weiss said of his ex-wife: “She and I had a really spectacular existence together. She was a really fantastic, amazing person.”

When asked how it felt to date after getting married, Weiss replied that it appeared like everyone was searching for an intensely passionate relationship devoid of conflict, which was unattainable.

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His ex-wife acknowledged in December 2021 that she still harbored significant affections for him despite the fact that they were no longer romantically together.

Turner asserted that she did not think that just because two people are no longer romantically linked, their love for one another ever lessens.

In any case, a lot has occurred since her divorce from Weiss. Turner started a singing career a few years ago, which she promoted in London in March 2018. Turner just embarked on a whole new initiative.

The musical director and a coach were among the persons she collaborated with. Soon enough, they discovered songs that everyone enjoyed, Turner remarked, “and I felt good singing.”

The diva, known for her unusual and harsh voice, waited 40 years before beginning a musical career. In September 2017, she made her cabaret singing debut in Philadelphia.

Turner acknowledged that intimidation played a role in her decision-making process when asked why she took so long to enter the music business. He thought she could only pursue an acting career, so she caged herself into a shell. But more than anything else, it was an act of self-defense.

Turner claimed that prior to being approached to perform Bertolt Brecht’s “Mother Courage and Her Children” in 2014 by Molly Smith, artistic director of Arena Stage in Washington, she had no interest in singing. She nodded in agreement, gave a credible performance, and then upped the ante.

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