Mom Holds Baby Girl For First Time And Infant Refuses To Let Go

Mom Holds Baby Girl For First Time And Infant Refuses To Let Go

For many women, being a mother is something that they have wanted for as long as they can remember. They hope to bring a life into this world and care for that tiny person as they hopefully grow into the best adult that they can be. Raising and caring for another human being is a beautiful dream to have.

Often, these same women will feel a strong connection with their baby, long before that baby is actually born. For the nine months that they grow and carry that tiny life in their body, they are preparing for the moment when they can finally hold their child for the very first time. Out of all of the amazing milestones that a mother shares with her child, this may be one of the most important.

It’s no secret that labor is a challenging and very painful process for a mother. Whether she delivers naturally or through a c-section, she puts her body through an almost unimaginable process. But, when it is all over, she gets the most significant reward to hold her baby in her arms.

In this video, we are able to share in that amazing moment when a mother is first able to hold her daughter. Brenda Coelho de Souza gave birth to her daughter on April 5th at the Santa Monica Hospital in Brazil. She gave birth via c-section, and the video shows their first touch, which is skin-to-skin contact, something that many feel should be a part of the birth process.

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There are now a multitude of studies that show that mothers and babies should be together, skin to skin, immediately after birth, confirms The Canadian Breastfeeding Foundation. The baby is happier, the baby’s temperature is more stable and more normal, the baby’s heart and breathing rates are more stable and normal, and the baby’s blood sugar is more elevated.

Brenda was thrilled with those beautiful first moments: It was an incredible moment when my daughter hugged me for the first time, Brenda said. Even more amazing, the tiny baby seemed to realize that she was with her mother and did not want to let go.

It is only this little girl’s first day on earth, and she has her entire life in front of her. Like everyone, her life is guaranteed to be full of ups and downs, triumphs and hardships. But, she came into this world with her mother, who loves her very much, waiting to take her in her arms and show her that she is protected and adored.

Watch the heartwarming first moments in the video below!