My mother-in-law wore a white dress that was made just for… Shocking…

Most couples spend hours going over every detail of their wedding plans to make sure their big day goes off without a hitch.

But you can’t control everything, no matter how much you plan, because your wedding guests have free will.

One bride learned this the hard way when her “toxic” mother-in-law showed up to their party in a custom-made white dress and said it was the “only color that looks good on her.”

The bride told Reddit that her father-in-law, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law all tried to get the pushy woman to wear something other than white to her son’s wedding, but she wouldn’t listen.

“When I got married, my mother-in-law went to a designer and had a white dress made just for me,” the bride said.

“She could have picked just about any other color.

“As the date got closer, she told me not to worry because she got a purple shawl for the pictures so that we wouldn’t clash – cringe. But only for the pictures.”

She wore a white dress on purpose and made sure it had the same shape as the bride’s wedding dress.

“Her dress was a lot more expensive than mine,” the bride said. “It’s not a big deal, but she kept talking about how much she paid.

“All she ever talked about was how old-fashioned it was to not wear white.”

Because of what her mother-in-law did, the bride had to spend hours of her wedding day trying to explain what was going on to her shocked guests.

The bride spent hours telling her shocked guests what was going on.

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“My brother’s wife is getting married in February,” she said. Since white seems to be the only color that works, I wonder if she will wear it again.

Most people criticized the mother-in-law for wearing white to her son’s wedding, but others told the bride to “get out now” before things get even worse.

One user said, “Every time she wears something other than white, tell her she was right; she doesn’t look good in any other color.”

Another user made a joke: “Don’t you know that your wedding is all about her?”

A third person said, “This is so me. I wore my mother-in-wedding law’s dress when I got married. It was a very nice ivory satin.

“She said to everyone that I was too poor to buy my own dress.

“She was one of ten people who came to our wedding. She wore ivory, which was the same color as my dress.”

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