Nan’s game-changing idea helps a struggling mom get her kids to bed 50 minutes faster… See what’s it…

Getting your kids to sleep can be really hard, and parents often feel relieved when they finally find a way to put their kids to sleep.

But what if there was a different way to get your kids to do healthy things before bed?

Parenting account @parents posted a video on Instagram that shows a “genius” way to help your kids look forward to going to bed instead of being afraid of missing out when it’s time to sleep.

Someone even made the joke, “Is there an adult version?” Asking for me’.

Lauren Giesting worked with Parenting to show the hack that her “amazing mother” had taught her. And it’s really easy and doesn’t take much creativity.

She realized that the best thing to do about bedtime was to make the kids excited about it by giving them a physical checklist.

The mom wrote important tasks on a piece of paper, cut it into flaps, and put magnets on both sides so that when the task was done, the kids could see it disappear and know they had done it.

“Go potty, wash or take a bath, brush teeth, drink water, put on pajamas, give hugs and kisses, and read books” was on the list.

The mom even drew cute pictures next to each task. When the task is done, the child can close the flap, which says “done” with a tick.

Before the sheet, she said that bedtime was “disastrous,” but now it’s gone from “thirty to maybe an hour to maybe ten minutes” for her kids. She said the video was “amazing” to end it.

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In the comments, people said they were amazed and that they would try it to make bedtime easier.

One said: “I’m going to try this for sure! And maybe one about your morning routine. My son is not very good at either one.”

Someone made a joke, “I need this for my husband.”

Someone else suggested: “Too cute! Would use this for sure! I’d still put a laminate on it.”

“I’d switch the last two, but yes!” praised someone.

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