Neal McDonough, an actor, prioritizes his wife and family above his acting career and reportedly “won’t kiss anyone” on screen…

Neal McDonough is an American actor who is perhaps best known for his portrayal as Dave Williams in the television series “Desperate Housewives.” Dave Williams is the husband of Nicollette Sheridan’s character, Edie Britt, who has blonde hair. However, despite the fact that he stars in the very racy program, McDonough is, by all accounts, an extremely traditional person, and he may even be labeled a puritanical actor.

McDonough flat-out refuses and won’t participate in any on-screen canoodling or anything beyond handholding in the scene involving the couple’s relationship. In response to questions from the press about his odd position, the actor said, “I won’t kiss any other lady since these lips are designed for one woman.” That fortunate woman is Ruvé McDonough, who became McDonough’s wife in 2003 when the couple tied the knot.

Although it may be beneficial for McDonough’s marriage, his no-kissing rule has, at times, been extremely detrimental to his professional life. Fortunately, he was cast on “Desperate Housewives” before the producer of the program, Marc Cherry, discovered the full scope of McDonough’s very detailed rule book. When he was hired for the part, he said, “When Marc Cherry signed me, I replied, ‘I’m sure you know, but I won’t kiss anyone.’” Both of the guys came to the conclusion that they needed to find a means to avoid sexual encounters and close quarters. McDonough brought up the conversation he had with Cherry again in an interview:

“”But this is Desperate Housewives!” he said incredulously. I responded with “I know.” After pausing for about five seconds, he said, “Okay, I’m simply going to have to learn how to write better.” And all of us had a wonderful time.”

While Cherry was ready and able to find a way to circumvent McDonough’s argument, other authors were not as kind or accommodating. When he thought back on how hard it was for him to get consistent employment, he commented, “It was a bad circumstance for me.”

In the critically acclaimed HBO miniseries “Band of Brothers,” McDonough played the character of Lieutenant Lynn “Buck” Compton, and as a result, he is known to the vast majority of viewers. However, McDonough did not begin his acting career until the early 1990s. He is the son of Irish immigrants who established themselves in Dorchester, Massachusetts. McDonough finally got the break he needed when Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg developed a miniseries on World War II. For the previous decade, McDonough had been working as a bit player in various television programs and movies. In episodes like “Boomtown,” “Justified,” “Arrow,” “Suits,” and of course, “Desperate Housewives,” he portrayed characters who were impossible to overlook because to the steely blue eyes he was born with. In addition, he had roles in films such as “Walking Tall,” “Minority Report,” and “Captain America: The First Avenger.”

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According to an interview that McDonough gave to Closer Weekly, he said that he entered the acting industry because he has always enjoyed making other people laugh. He added, “It was sort of a no-brainer for me.” I was the youngest of six children, and it was one of my greatest joys to make my older siblings and sister laugh. I was known as the “class clown” while I was in school. I was dyslexic, so I wasn’t very good at arithmetic or reading, but I was really excellent at keeping people entertained.

On the other hand, he stated that his career did not begin or continue as well as he had wanted, and that he had considered giving up and walking away from the situation.

“I was going to call it quits with my career in Hollywood. I had every intention of moving back to Cape Cod, where I would work at the hotel that my parents own, as well as perform in community theater. Then I received a call from Steven Spielberg saying that he wanted to meet me for ‘Band of Brothers,’ and after that, everything started moving very quickly.

With that, McDonough would grace our screens in a lot of excellent programs and movies, but there are certain things that you will never see him perform on television for one reason or another.

McDonough reportedly gave an explanation to Entertainment Tonight about how Hollywood responded to his unique request: “After that, nobody would hire me because they believed that I was some kind of fanatical religious extremist. I have a strong faith in God… That is the credo by which I live. It was challenging for a number of years.”

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Nevertheless, in the end, Graham Yost extended an offer to cast him in a part on the program “Justified.” Since the two men had previously collaborated on the HBO miniseries “Band of Brothers,” Yost was confident in his ability to find a way to circumvent McDonough’s restriction. McDonough noted, in reference to his casting on the Western crime thriller, “I knew it was my chance back at the championship.”

McDonough saw the post as a chance to not waste his time and to really commit himself, especially considering that he had had some degree of difficulty in his professional life. He reflected on his performance, saying, “I believe my acting became so much better because I genuinely loved it.” “I got a blow right in the chin, but I wasn’t going to let this battle get away from me. And it was successful. Since then, I’ve had nothing but success in my professional life.”

His marriage has remained solid despite the progress he has made in his work. McDonough has said the following about his wife: “Almost 20 years, five kids, and just one heck of an awesome life later, to have her as my partner in everything, I’m just the most blessed guy I know… without her, I most certainly would not be talking with you right now.” McDonough is referring to the fact that they have been married for almost 20 years.

Then, McDonough said, “I’m not going to squander anything,” referring to the gifts of his family as well as the opportunities presented by his work. “That’s simply the kind of person I am. I have a wonderful wife and five wonderful children, yet I still find time to enjoy my career.”

The actor continued, gushing about his family and the role he sees for himself in spite of the difficulties of pursuing a profession in acting: “I want to make sure that I am looking out for everyone’s best interests. I’m going to follow in my father’s footsteps and do the same thing he did.”

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When McDonough was abruptly let go from his role on the ABC comedy “Scoundrels” in 2010, he was forced to deal with a great deal of stress. McDonough claims that the reason he was fired from the show was because he refused to do any sex scenes, which placed not only his career but also his family in peril. Despite the fact that the show only lasted for one season.

However, following his second shot at popularity with “Justified,” McDonough has gone on to feature as President Dwight D. Eisenhower in “American Horror Story: Double Feature” and antagonist industrialist Malcolm Beck in “Yellowstone.” Both roles were quite successful for him.

Although it may seem as if McDonough is making a significant sacrifice in order to respect his wife, the truth is that he and his partner do have a love story that is unique in its own way. They were acquainted with one another when McDonough was filming “Band of Brothers” in England. According to reports, they “simply ran into one other on the street, locked eyes, and that was it” on the night that he was in the nation, which also happened to be the holiday of St. Patrick’s Day. This information comes from Fox News. When asked to retell the story, the actor smiled fondly as he recalled the following part: “The next morning, I called the woman I was dating at the time and said, ‘I’m sorry, it’s not going to work out with us anymore — I just met the woman I’m going to marry.’” [The actor] had just met the woman he was going to marry.

Although it is possible that McDonough may not be honored with an MTV Award for Best Kiss, it seems as if he does deserve some recognition for being such a loyal family guy.

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