Parents capture the precious moments of their newborn twins’ life in touching images to remember them forever…

The majority of the time, parents-to-be daydream about the moment they will first lay eyes on their newborn kid. Lyndsay and Matthew Brentlinger, who are natives of Ohio, thought that the arrival into the world of a set of twins who seemed to be in good health was a miracle. They referred to the event as “really exceptional.”

It was discovered that the Brentlingers’ unborn child, William, had cardiac problems early on in the course of their pregnancy, and the doctors informed them that it was possible that their child would not survive. On the other hand, the couple was overjoyed to finally get to meet their lovable son on December 17, 2016, the same day that they also got to see their daughter Reagan.

Lyndsay and Matthew couldn’t contain their excitement at the possibility of expanding their family. On the other hand, they were fully aware that the amount of time that William would spend in this world would be limited owing to the cardiac difficulties that he had.

I couldn’t contain my elation when I heard that they had arrived safely and that Will was doing well. The mother said in an interview, “But I was also worried about the risk of losing him.”

A friend of the Brentlingers came up with the brilliant idea of assisting in the documentation of the family’s priceless time spent together. She reached out to a local photographer named Lindsey Brown in the hopes of squeezing in a last-minute picture session and getting her services.

Because Christmas was getting near, there were a lot of people at Lindsey Brown Photography’s studio. However, given the circumstances, she did not think twice about paying a visit to the family’s home and taking photographs with her camera while she was there.

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Brown expressed her thoughts to the Huffington Post as follows:

“Right instantly, I was aware that I needed to assist them,” you said. It is impossible for anybody with a conscience to refuse such a request.

On December 20th, Brown worked her photographic alchemy, producing a stunning session for the Brentlinger family to enjoy.

She took pictures of the twins as they were huddled up together close to one other and looked as cute as can be. There are a few of them when it seems like Baby William is wide awake.

The Brentlingers took pictures of themselves with their newborn babies while posing on the sofa. In addition, they took individual pictures of each of their children. Each one is a memory that will be held dear throughout one’s whole life.

It has been a wonderful blessing in Lyndsay and Matthew’s life to have the chance to hold their kid in their arms and spend precious moments together as a family of four. This opportunity has given them the ability to embrace and kiss their son.

Unfortunately, just a few days later, on December 28th, when William was only 11 days old, he lost suddenly from his illness.

Even though the Brentlingers’ loss of a child was a tragic event, they made the most of the time they had left together as a family by doing all they could to take pleasure in each other’s presence (and they were appreciative of that time).

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