Pentatonix Performs A Goosebumpy Version Of “The First Noel”

Pentatonix Performs A Goosebumpy Version Of “The First Noel”

It’s definitely the holiday season. In fact, it will be here and then gone before we know it. In case you have managed to stay out of the stores and do all of your shopping online, let me remind you of something about this time of year  there is Christmas music everywhere.

Even if you haven’t been to the mall lately, and are trying to avoid those harrowing lineups, know that the moment you sit in the car, you’ll turn on your radio to a “Jingle Bells” or something else along those lines. I must admit though, this music puts everyone into a wonderful cheer!

Maybe it’s in the stores, your car, or perhaps you play it in your own home, but Christmas music is an inescapable part of the season. For some people, it’s their favorite part of Christmas. Then, there are people like me  I tend to find it a little grating. But, I understand why people like it. The music reminds people of the happy memories that come along with the season.

While it may not be my favorite type of music, some artists manage to make it enjoyable. One of those groups is Pentatonix. They are an a cappella group that astounds listeners with their brilliant covers and original music. A cappella music is performed without any musical instruments, so the rich sounds, harmonized voices, and beautiful background accompaniment is all produced by the singers.

While Pentatonix’s version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” may be one of my favorite performances, the group is blowing everyone away with their Christmas album, titled “That’s Christmas To Me.” Among other songs, the album features “The First Noel” and the video is making waves.

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Pentatonix brings their usual minimalistic style to the video. A beautiful winter backdrop frames the singers in their warm clothing as they perform the memorable holiday classic. The song starts quietly, but as more voices in music join in, it becomes more affluent. Then, they add their own unique flair to the song and it will give you goosebumps!

Of course, this isn’t the only Christmas song that this talented group has recorded. They have a solid line up festive songs that you can tune into this holiday season!

But, in the mean time, watch Pentatonix’s fantastic version of “The First Noel” and please like and share the video!