Premature Baby Born So Small She Was Kept Alive in a Sandwich Bag Has Defied the Odds to Start School…See how she’s now…

An infant who was born prematurely and was just the size of a bag of sugar and who was kept alive in a sandwich bag has defied the odds and is now enrolled in elementary school.

When Darcey Clegg was delivered via emergency cesarean section in September 2016, she weighed only 1 pound and 5 ounces. At the time, she was three months premature. She is now four years old.

In the neonatal section of the Royal Oldham Hospital in Greater Manchester, the little girl had to struggle for her life for 64 days before she was miraculously able to go home on December 30.

She had been in the hospital for a total of 64 days.

Now, in spite of everything that has happened, she is getting ready to begin school in September, and her mother, Gill Glegg, who is 50 years old, couldn’t be prouder of her.

Gill, who is employed as a caregiver, remarked, “Darcey is incredible. I was worried that she wouldn’t make it out of that little sandwich bag because of how small she was.

“It’s such a bittersweet experience to watch her start school. We have everything, including her costume, prepared and ready to go.”

Up until the 28th week of her pregnancy, Gill’s pregnancy was going swimmingly until a scan revealed that her baby was not receiving enough blood and that there was an anomaly in the placenta.

After the accident, she was taken straight to Royal Oldham Hospital for the necessary emergency procedure.

Gill described the experience as “terrifying.” I wasn’t given a lot of reason to believe that she would survive. However, she emerged from the room crying.

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In order to improve Darcey’s chances of surviving those critical first few months, she was rushed straight to the newborn intensive care unit.

In order for her to be able to return home in time for New Year’s Eve, she had to fight off blood transfusions and build up her strength first.

Gill remarked that she was the best present he could have received.

Since then, Darcey has succeeded in overcoming the odds to become a normal and healthy girl. Gill shared her thoughts, saying, “She started walking a bit late, but it was a beautiful moment.” “She is a wonderful fantasy.”

Darcey, for her part, can hardly contain her excitement about returning to school, declaring that she “can’t wait to go and play with lots of other kids.”

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