Sneaky dad who tricked wife into using his favourite baby name branded ‘genius’. See why..

When it comes to name their newborn, parents don’t always agree. But one new dad used devious reverse psychology to get his way, and his wife was completely unaware.

In response to a viral TikTok video in which a woman named Gabby Lamb asks, “Do you ever regret what you named your kid?” Stefan disclosed his devious methods for getting the name he wanted for his daughter rather than his wife’s choice.

In his TikTok video, which has over 131,000 views, he describes his wife as a “bit of a drama queen” and criticizes her name choice.

He explains, “She wanted to call her f**king Aubrey!” But it wasn’t the name that bothered him; it was his wife’s motive for choosing it.

“She likes it since it’s from Teen Mum on MTV,” he explained. “So I had to figure out a way to get around this without making her think I didn’t want the child to be named Aubrey.

“Because if I didn’t want the child to be named Aubrey, there was a f**king 100% chance it would be named Aubrey simply to pull one over on me.”

He used reverse psychology to get his way, and it worked well. “I previously stated that I adore the name Aubrey, which is an excellent choice for a child. What a fantastic name. Aubrey will be the name of our daughter.

“She kept browsing since I said I liked the name.” His wife created a list of suggested names, and he became involved. He made certain that his top pick, Olivia, was on all of those lists.

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His deception began to come together, and she said: “Olivia is a beautiful name. And I said, “absolutely not.” ‘There’s no way you’re name my child Olivia,’ she said, to which she answered, ‘Yes, I am.’”

He devised a small argument, which he eventually told his naïve wife, “Okay, you may call her Olivia, but only if I get to choose the middle name, and she agreed.

“Not only did I obtain the name I wanted, but I also got my sister’s name as a middle name, Olivia Rachel Ann.”

Many people were amused by Stefan’s calculated lengths, while others were impressed.

“This is brilliant,” one person wrote, while another said, “The long game, admire the dedication.””

One commenter praised the work: “I appreciate the thought that put into it. Olivia is from MTV’s The Hills and is the most popular name in the last decade; poor choice.”

One commenter said, “Been there, done that”: “You’re a very astute individual! When I was pregnant with my youngest, her father insisted on naming her Karol – Ann. Kaitlin is her name.”

“My father should have done this,” one commenter added. “No one wanted me to be named Liselle except my mother, but here we are.”

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