The couple skaters perform a Michael Jackson dance that gets the crowd overexcited…

Their actions are crazy.

Although he passed away in 2009, the late, great Michael Jackson changed the music business and continues to be adored by individuals from all walks of life.

Morgan Cipres and Vanessa James, two figure skaters, made the decision to honor him forever with a stunning performance.

Michael Jackson fans will like seeing Cipres and James skate to the tunes “Beat It” and “Black or White” since they exude a carefree spirit.

James sported black leather leggings and a gold sequined top, and Cipres looked sharp in a slick black jacket and a white glove, all of which were reminiscent of the King of Pop.

The two entered the performance with “Beat It,” and they kept snapping along with the beat throughout.

The skaters went all out to create the atmosphere of a live concert with the use of many iconic Michael Jackson dance movements, including the most well-known moon walk that Jackson himself invented.

To properly excite the crowd, they even demonstrated a few gravity-defying acrobatics.

The crowd cheered even louder when Cipres tore off his glove and jacket, ready to get to work, as the music changed and his attire followed suit.

Cipres and James were the ideal duo to perform “Black or White,” another of Michael Jackson’s most well-known songs.

They once again nailed their maneuvers and seemed like they were having a blast.

One commenter said: Wow, that was simultaneously amazing and terrifying. Excellent performance!

The reigning European World Champions from 2019 are still in action.

World-class figure skaters Morgan Cipres and Vanessa James have each won numerous awards, including multiple trips to the Olympics.

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They’ve been skating together for years, and their performances are flawlessly coordinated. You can tell they trust each other because of some of the more risky actions they have taken together.

The 2019 All That Skate Ice Show was where this particular performance came from.

The David Wilson and Sandra Bezic-choreographed performance featured a variety of amazing skaters performing to music of diverse genres, including classical works, rock songs, show tunes, and Cipres and James’ Michael Jackson medley.

The two walked around the entire rink with a positive mood and a smile on their faces.

The audience during the live performance could sense how much fun they were having, and it is still evident on the screen three years later.

Even now, years after his tragic passing, Michael Jackson remains one of the most well-known musicians ever.

He unites people from various backgrounds to enjoy his voice, his dances, and his persona, transcending age, race, and religion.

While watching the performance, it was evident that Cipres and James were both admirers, and they gave it their all to pay tribute to the icon in the best way they could.

Watch their incredible and touching performance in the video below!

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