The daughter of Susan Sarandon shows that being a mother at a later age is not “Crazy”… Why? Get your answer below…

Susan Sarandon, an actress, began her career in the 1970s as a wide-eyed ingénue and has gone on to have a very successful and lengthy career. She has subsequently appeared in a variety of films and television series, and over her many decades spent working in the entertainment business, she has been recognized with a number of different honors. The celebrity has also been seen performing on stage at various times. Aside from her work as an actress, Sarandon is also known for being a prominent campaigner for a variety of issues, one of which being the treatment of endometriosis.

New York is the place where Sarandon was born in 1946. She discovered that she enjoyed performing when she was in school, and she started acting, dancing, and playing musical instruments as a result of this discovery. It was immediately apparent that she has potential, and during the course of her development into an adult, that skill only became stronger.

In 1970, the movie “Joe” was where the actress made her first appearance on screen. Soon after that, she began making appearances on television, and then a few years later, she played the role of Janet Weiss in the movie “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” which is a musical comedy horror thriller.

She has also appeared in a number of other critically acclaimed films, such as “The Witches of Eastwick,” “Lorenzo’s Oil,” “The Client,” and “Little Women.” Nevertheless, the movie “Thelma & Louise,” which she appeared in opposite Geena Davis in 1991, is still the one that brings Susan Sarandon the greatest recognition. In the movie, Sarandon portrayed the role of Louise Sawyer, who was the heroine Thelma Dickinson’s closest friend and would be by her side no matter what. The film received accolades for the way it portrayed female friendship and sisterhood.

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However, despite the fact that Sarandon received accolades for her performance in front of the camera, after the cameras stopped rolling, she was condemned for decisions she had taken in her personal life, particularly the decision to have a mother. She addressed the topic of having children, putting to rest the concerns of people who had referred to her as “crazy.”

Sarandon demonstrated that she could still be seductive despite the fact that she did not physically resemble the conventional Hollywood bombshells of the time by projecting confidence. On a more personal level, the actress has also shown self-assurance and self-determination despite the expectations that have been placed on her.

In addition to her one marriage and subsequent divorce, Sarandon has been involved in three highly publicized relationships: one with Franco Amurri, one with Tim Robbins, and one with Jonathan Bricklin. In addition, she is a mother to three children, the oldest of whom was born when she was 39 years old and the youngest of whom was born when she was 45 years old.

In addition, Sarandon has spoken openly about her decision to have a child later in life. In 1985, she gave birth to her first child, the actress and lifestyle blogger Eva Amurri. In 1989, Sarandon gave birth to her second child, the filmmaker and writer Jack Henry Robbins, and in 1992, she gave birth to her third child, the musician and actor Miles Robbins.

According to PEOPLE, Sarandon does not have any regrets about the manner in which she gave birth to her children or the timing of their births. When asked about the piece of advice that she considers to be the worst ever given to her, the actress said, “I guess it was, ‘Don’t have the kid,’ as like it would destroy my career, and I was so old anyhow.” She went on to say, “I had my first kid when I was 39, and my third child when I was 45, and with each child, (people were like), ‘Are you crazy? Don’t!’”

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In an interview with PEOPLE in the year 2020, Sarandon shared some words of wisdom with expectant mothers. “What I always tell any woman who’s telling me they’re thinking of having a baby is that regardless of how involved or well-intentioned your baby daddy or husband is, it is up to you in the beginning,” she told the readers. “What I always tell any woman who’s telling me they’re thinking of having a baby is that regardless of how involved or well-intentioned your baby daddy or husband is,

It seems that the actress’s fan base has come around to the idea of her having a family, despite the fact that she may have had difficulties in the beginning getting the public to embrace and support her decision to become a mother, despite the difficulties that it entails.

During an interview in 2018, Sarandon expressed her delight at the prospect of being a grandma. Since then, her daughter Eva Amurri Martino, for whom she had been the target of so much criticism in the past due to the fact that she was her mother, had grown up and started a family of her own. The actress, whose career is still going strong despite the sacrifice she is supposedly made in becoming a mother, appeared to be ecstatic about the addition of the toddlers, Marlowe Martino and Major Martino, to the larger Sandrandon family. The actress’s career is still going strong despite the sacrifice she is supposedly making in becoming a mother.

She gushed with excitement to the interviewers, saying, “They are prospering… Marlowe is really hilarious; she is a ferocious little clown who is also quite intelligent. And Major is really beginning to reveal his character. They are beyond compare. They are the best.

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In addition, Sarandon has lauded the parenting skills of her daughter in a number of interviews, stating things like, “I believe that what she’s doing is great. She has my utmost admiration and respect…. In addition to that, she is a really humorous little girl. She is ferocious and powerful in her own right.

The esteemed actress did said that while she managed to make it through parenthood, the second part of the job isn’t as demanding. “It’s so lot easier, so much easier (being a grandma),” she said. “It’s so much easier.” Sarandon, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be quite ready to retire to the porch rocker lifestyle, as seen by the fact that she refuses to be given any customary nicknames by the grandchildren. Honey is her grandma’s name, according to the remark made by her daughter. We want to wish Honey Sandrandon and her large, joyful family the best of luck as they continue to develop their skills and expand their knowledge.

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