“The most incredible music I’ve never heard before.” gets Golden Buzzer… Have a look at the video below…

The incredible Lily Meola performed on the stage of America’s Got Talent during the seventeenth season of the show. She began her performance by singing “Daydream,” with the intention of capturing the attention of the AGT judges as well as the crowd.

Before Lily Meola’s stirring performance, she and judge Simon Cowell had an emotional and in-depth talk, which may have set the tone for her most recent EP, which consists of five songs.

“I composed “Daydream” during a time in my life when everything was going so swimmingly well for me that I pretty much lived for the afternoon,” she said. His date circled back around before the young performer could figure out what was going on.

After learning that her mother had a malignant tumor, Lily Meola decided to temporarily withdraw from the music industry. She did this so that she could devote her whole attention to her mother in the last days of her life before the sickness stole her life.

Lily Meola stated that the many things that occurred throughout her life forced her to continue going after what she wanted, which in this case was to be a singer at the age of 27 who performed on the main stage of America’s Got Talent. Lily Meola said that the many things that occurred throughout her life also forced her to keep going after what she wanted.

The audience in the lobby could not contain their enthusiasm after seeing her play her debut song, “Daydream,” which was seductive and profound at the same time. After making her grand debut, Lily Meola was received by the four judges with enthusiastic applause and great acclaim.

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After being impressed by Lily Meola’s performance, Heidi Klum feels compelled to offer the singer of “Daydream” a resounding round of applause. This means that Lily Meola will skip the preliminary round of the talent show and move directly to the live semi-final competition. A fantastic conclusion and start for a vocalist who has a great deal of skill.

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