The Navy makes a hilarious parody music video to the popular “Uptown Funk”…

United States Naval Academy students like midshipman 1st Class Rylan Tuohy are used to cooperating to achieve a common objective. Attendees from Annapolis, Maryland who attend the Naval Academy are aware that collaboration is the key to success. But one of their most prominent projects diverges from what they are often expected to do. On this day, the creative team produced a unique music video parodying the well-known Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson song Uptown Funk.

On a lovely fall day in Annapolis, the cunning midshipmen were able to persuade store owners and citizens to seal off one street. Their amusing song video used the street as its backdrop. The choreography and shooting were all done by the team themselves on a shoestring budget.

To create their own version of the song called Naptown Funk, Midshipman Tuohy and his friends altered the words to Uptown Funk. In the video, uniformed men and women joyously stroll along a street in Annapolis while a small group dances and sings the song. The action in the cheery items is set in a salon and on the street, mimicking the look of the Uptown Funk video.

The energetic group finally gets support from their drummer and brass band on the street as the singer challenges rival Naval teams in San Diego, Norfolk, and Chicago. Aerial pictures of the filming location are used at the beginning and end of Tuohy’s high-quality video to highlight the beauty of Annapolis.

The group of over 60 midshipmen used Naptown Funk as an opportunity to have fun, brag about themselves and their hometown, and display some impressive artistic prowess. While some of the participants may have been making their debut with the project, Rylan Tuohy was merely releasing Naptown Funk as his most recent work. The gifted midshipman participated on multiple amusing videos created for the yearly Army-Navy game as well as other spirit spots, as the videos are known.

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The parody song Naptown Funk has the same energy and excitement, but it also has the added advantage of showcasing the distinctive talents of the Naval students at Annapolis. These people’s creativity, cooperation, and spirit demonstrate how much they can accomplish when they work together.

Watch the fun video below:

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