The paralyzed young lady had a big surprise for the nurse, was astonished to see the impossible…

The majority of us are unaware of the challenges that come with fatal accidents. When we experience such harm, it has an impact not only on us but also on the people we care about.

Bailey Murrill is all too aware of this. Before her senior prom in 2015, she had an injury. Sadly, as she and her father were playing in the backyard, a very bad situation developed.

“He had me draped over his shoulders, and we were simply playing horse. I managed to flip around and fall on my back. From the hips down, my legs were completely numb.”

The 17-year-old was flown right away to Dallas’ UT Southwestern Medical Center. She was paralyzed for the first two weeks she was in the hospital.

She had to deal with a really challenging situation, but she was a fighter and had her family’s support. Even though it was difficult, she kept doing the best she could with the physical therapy because she was ready to do whatever it took to stand up again.

The medical professionals were silent during this time. She had no feeling below her waist, therefore they estimated that her chances of ever walking again were only 5%.

She spent 11 days in the hospital before beginning a rigorous physical therapy regimen, which helped her regain some feeling in her legs. She realized at that point that if she kept working, she would eventually be able to walk.

Even though Bailey could now occasionally stand up, she didn’t want to miss the chance to surprise someone. When one of the nurses was about to offer her a hug as she wheeled herself down the hospital hallway, she did something completely out of character.

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Instead of accepting the hug while seated, she got to her feet. The nurse pulled her in and gave her a great hug as she suddenly burst out laughing.

Her mother, Becky, took the video, which quickly became popular online. Becky quickly returned home, got back on her feet, and started getting ready for the senior prom.

“Two weeks ago, I was told I had a 5% chance of ever walking again, and now I’m at prom,” she remarked. It’s fantastic.

Watch the video below:

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