The woman found a funny creative way with delivery guy, so that her husband doesn’t know about her too many orders…

As Christmas draws near, an increase in internet shoppers looking for and purchasing presents for friends and family is expected.

Postal workers have a lot of work during this time because there are deliveries that need to be made here and there.

Even while mailmen are used to a busy schedule, it goes without saying that work can occasionally become dull and boring.

That’s why this UPS postal worker jumped at the chance to add some humor to his routine when he saw it and pulled off a very easy yet entertaining trick!

A Texas woman’s Facebook post is currently trending online due to all the chuckles it has generated. Ebony Freeman uploaded a picture of a UPS guy bringing a big, cylindrical AstroTurf container into her house.

But what made the image unique was how the postal worker disguised the gift from Ebony’s husband by putting it beneath her doormat, which said, “Please hide packages from husband”!

God, look at it! She said, “The UPS guy really concealed it under the rug!” She included Amanda Harper, a friend who had given her the mat as a gift.

As of this writing, Ebony’s post has received 49,000 shares and 7,700 replies.

She told Good Morning America, “I laughed right away and the first thing I did was email a picture to Amanda before publishing it on Facebook. I had no idea it would gain that much attention.

Ebony clarified that the mat and its request are all in good fun and that her spouse doesn’t “truly” get annoyed about her love of internet shopping.

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“I get packages from Amazon every day, but he finds it amusing,” she remarked.

Amanda stated that she purchased the doormat from Etsy and that the vendor is “very happy” since the item is being advertised widely online. More individuals will definitely purchase the unusual item for themselves as a result of the recent online buzz it has received.

Ebony also claims that she has another humorous doormat on order months before the holiday season even begins, so the joke hasn’t even finished spreading. This time, the mat will sing “Here Comes Amazon” to the tune of “Here Comes Santa Claus” rather than just speaking.

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