Their Birth Became A Sensation. Identical Triplet Girls Were Born In 1987. Just Look At How They Look Today.

Their Birth Became A Sensation. Identical Triplet Girls Were Born In 1987. Just Look At How They Look Today.

It would be interesting to know what triplets born in 1987 look like today? On April 25, 1987, triplets were born in Dublin, and they were completely identical (identical). The girls were named Nicola, Laura and Allison.

As you know, twins are often confused, but these three sisters were so identical that even mom and dad could not distinguish one from the other.

Growing up, the sisters turned into real beauties, and from childhood they received numerous offers to try their hand at modeling. The girls’ parents firmly decided that their children would have a real childhood and that they would still have time to build a career. However, at the age of 16, the girls still became models.

Today, the Crimmins sisters are real celebrities in their hometown. They are regular participants in fashion shows and are invited to various shows. Blondes of extraordinary beauty often grace the covers of magazines. Of course, this brings girls quite good popularity and income, but it also imposes some restrictions, because their main point is not beauty, but an amazing identity.

The complete identity of Alison, Laura and Never, created by nature itself, made the beauties live life. Every day begins with the fact that they run together, then have breakfast together, go to the gym, where they perform the same exercises under the supervision of a trainer.

The girls have a beauty salon and a stylist, so in no case do they lose their main advantage – similarity. All three beauties are 180 cm tall and weigh 54 kg, with the same waist and chest size. Of course, the girls use the same cosmetics and perfumes, wear the same clothes.

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They are constantly in contact with each other even when they are not together. If one of the girls decided not to sit on a strict diet, so will the other two sisters. They do all their shopping in the same places – this applies to both food and clothing. They choose the same restaurants.

The only difference is their personal relationships, which each sister has their own. Yes, Alison and Nicola have yet to give their hearts to anyone, while Laura is already in a long-term relationship.

As the sisters themselves admit, the lifestyle they lead is not a burden to them. They really like to spend time together, because there are simply no closer and dear people. And they really like when others pay attention to them, because they are exactly the same, besides, such beautiful ladies will not meet every day.