This artistic young girl steals the graduation performance with her charisma…

One little child named Sophia was determined to end her time in preschool in the most impressive way possible. The adorable little girl delighted the audience and became a global phenomenon when she used the stage at her graduation ceremony to put on quite the musical performance.

Sophia and her classmates performed “How Far I’ll Go” from the motion picture “Moana” on stage during the musical performance. Michelle Neshin, Sophia’s mother, joked online that the youngsters were told to perform a quiet version of the well-known song. Sophia seemed to have overlooked the directions. After seeing this video, it was clear that her performance was everything but calm!

Sophia elevated the performance while her classmates sat calmly and sung the tune. As she theatrically waved her arms, shook her head, and stamped her feet to the music, she was the center of attention. Sophia’s adorable blonde locks bounced along with the beat as she passionately belted out the lyrics. Sophia assumes a theatrical stance as the song reaches its peak as it crescendos.

After seeing this film, it is obvious that Sophia has a career as a performer. We’re excited to see what this cute person’s future brings!

As they saw Sophia sing, more than a million fans have already fallen in love with her.

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