This girl was unbelievably transformed into an awesome girl… Watch the video to see it with your own eyes…

Chloe Fountain, who does not disclose her age, often publishes TikTok videos in which she purportedly demonstrates how she reduces the look of the number of years she has passed by applying cosmetics and tape.

People are often perplexed by the dramatic makeovers that the Canadian mother undergoes, with many unwilling to believe that she is the same person after sharing videos purportedly portraying her huge changes in appearance.

Fountain, who has more than 990,000 followers on TikTok, has said in the past that she enjoys “creating controversy” with her appearance. This statement was made to The Post.

She divulged, “I’m trying to create mystery since that’s what pulls followers to my page,” and she said further, “I’m trying to create mystery because I…” “I want to do that because I want to have a prominent presence on the internet.”

Even while she tells viewers that her videos are “100% authentic,” she acknowledges that she does play up for the camera a little bit by making herself seem dirtier. She does this in order to get more views.

If anything, I make myself appear a little bit worse than I already do. She told Newsweek that she thinks today would be a nice day “if I wake up extra puffy” since she slept on her stomach the night before. “Today would be a fantastic day.”

A self-deprecating remark about her appearance can be found in the description of one of her most recent videos, which reads as follows: “I’m simply pretty ugly without makeup I suppose haha.”

However, her changes often leave her followers in a state of doubt, and many of them wonder whether or not they are legitimate.

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One user said that there is no possibility that this is the same individual.

Another person chimed in, saying, “This mother-daughter combination is funny.” She went on to imply that her daughter-in-law is truly the model for any “after” pictures.

Another person commented, “And this, boys, is why you always take the first date out when it’s heavy rain,” indicating that she was a catfish for her deceptive change.

Fountain often discusses the items that she considers to be essential, praising Peter Thomas Roth’s Instant FirmX Temporary Face Tightener and claiming that by using it, she can get any desired level of “realistic” appearance.

Because it will leave a film, you should only apply a very thin coating of it. She stated, “Just put it on extremely thin, and voilà,” noting that she is not being compensated to market the product.

The want-to-be beauty influencer also uses the Infallible foundation powder from L’Oréal, which she recommends for older skin since, according – her, liquid foundation “sets into your wrinkles and makes them protrude more than they would otherwise.”

Fountain claims that she is capable of handling the criticism that she receives online, despite the fact that others have questioned her changes and posted nasty remarks.

“When I was younger, my mother would pick on me and say hurtful things to me, such as, ‘You’ll never be a model, your legs are too large.’” “So if I can handle her hatred throughout my whole life, then I can surely take people hating on me online,” she said in an interview with The Post in 2021.

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“I’m not trying to trick anyone or make somebody feel like they’re an idiot. My only goal is to demonstrate to the rest of the world that it is never too late to make positive changes to one’s appearance.

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