This positive family performing the famous boogie dance will make your day…

The hilarious “Family Lockdown Boogie,” which shows the entire family in a lockdown-inspired performance, was recently posted by the Buchanan family from New Zealand.

People are primarily staying at home during the current quarantine, which affects the entire planet. Others are utilizing this new type of “spare time” constructively, while some find it difficult to adjust. A funny “Family Lockdown Boogie” was made by the Buchanans, a New Zealand family, and posted to Youtube.

Jack, the Buchanan family’s kid, created the music and lyrics for a humorous song about the present lockdown scenario called the “Family Lockdown Boogie.” The entire family dances in a funky routine to the song’s catchy lyrics and 80s-inspired beat in the music video.

Beginning the video with the line, “This one goes out to everybody who’s under coronavirus lockdown… with their immediate family,” Jack establishes the mood for the upcoming “Family Lockdown Boogie,” which is dedicated to everyone who is trapped at home during lockdown. This is the lockdown boogie for the family.

Even Jack’s shirt is amusing and really captures how those who are finding it difficult to cope with the circumstances currently feel because it says “Everything is Awful.” However, the extraordinary performance in the Buchanan’s “Family Lockdown Boogie” is by no means bad.

Every member of the family is taking part in various lighthearted practical jokes around the house. One of them depicts the family squished together in front of the faucet in the bathroom frantically washing their hands while Jack sings into the camera.

For the next three to four weeks, we are confined to our home. And because the government said no, we won’t be leaving.

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In a series of montages for the song’s chorus, the entire family can be heard singing the chorus’s lines, “Incarcerated, blood-related, family lockdown boogie,” while they dance in perfect unison in various rooms of the house, from the living room to the kitchen counter.

In keeping with vintage hip-hop music videos, one sequence features the Buchanan family sporting hoodies and sunglasses and assuming serious poses as Jack sings:

We can’t irritate each other if we’re dancing all the time, so what a delight it is to be cooped up with these three.

The family switches between stylish evening wear and cozy pajamas throughout the entire film, and they all manage to look great in each ensemble!

The family exits the house and sings the final chorus on their balcony as the song comes to a close. The Buchanans finish their final rendition of “Family lockdown boogie” as the camera fades to black and they begin to enter the building again.

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