This young boy found $135K cash near an ATM. What he did astonished everyone…

They claim that genuinely kind people show kindness even when no one is watching. More importantly, those who truly wish to assist others don’t require social media or cameras to publicize their good efforts. They act without ceremony and do so automatically.

Not everyone has the ability to act as this boy from Albuquerque did when he discovered a cache of cash next to a Wells Fargo ATM.

Even if it occurred back in May 2020, it is still an amazing and motivational tale that deserves to be repeated and shared. No matter where you are in the globe, it is just a teachable opportunity.

Then José Nuez Romaniz, a 19-year-old from Albuquerque, New Mexico, just so happened to be in the ideal situation. And in that unique circumstance, he made the perfect decision.

He went to the ATM first to get money out even though he was merely meant to buy his grandfather a pair of socks. At that moment, he observed a transparent bag of cash next to this Wells Fargo ATM.

It’s possible that other individuals thought about escaping with the money bag. With that much cash, they can solve many financial issues and make purchases that will fundamentally alter their life.

Additionally, they could get away with it because nobody else was present at the time.

Instead, Jose called the number on the ATM to report what he had discovered. He then made a call to the police.

Jose claimed that at the time, all he could think about was his parents, especially his mother, and what she would think if she saw him with so much cash. With all that money, Jose might wager that his mother would strike him with her chancla or flip-flops.

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Jose learned afterwards that the bag contained approximately $135,000. The cash bag was mistakenly left behind by the subcontractor tasked with filling the ATM since he was unaware that it was there.

The city officials were certainly impressed by the young man’s honesty. The power company PNM gave him a $500 payment to go toward his tuition.

El Patron also offered Jose a $500 cash prize and a gift card, and ESPN Radio gave Jose and his family season passes to watch Lobo football along with a football that was personally signed by Brian Urlacher.

Jose also received recognition from Mayor Tim Keller and Police Chief Mike Geier. Mayor Keller applauded Jose’s integrity and even made the light-hearted remark that it was genuinely admirable to resist the urge to take even one bundle off the pile’s top.

It was encouraging for Police Chief Geier to witness this outstanding example being set by a young person like Jose. Their faith in the community and young people was restored by this modest deed.

Additionally, Chief Geier gave Jose and his family a tour of the police department’s crime lab and informed them that they would consider hiring Jose to work as a public safety officer if he showed interest. Jose was a student of criminal justice at the Central New Mexico Community College.

Teenagers have a negative reputation since it seems like all they do is cause trouble, but there are also good youngsters who have strong morals and a kind heart.

Just like this 11-year-old child who, in spite of his family’s financial difficulties, returned a wallet he found on the street, and this 15-year-old boy who picked up a safe submerged in the river and gave its contents—$1,800 and other valuables—back to the owner.

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Jose and his entire family were both quite proud of him at the time. The awards themselves were only a bonus. The biggest reward was earning his family’s respect and admiration for doing morally.

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