VIDEO: A brave FedEx worker rescues a little kid from being injured in a vehicle accident just before the end of his shift…

A FedEx driver made the correct decision at the conclusion of his shift by trusting his instincts and acting on them.

When Damien Rose, a FedEx worker in South Carolina, saw something peculiar on his way home from work, he was in the middle of driving across the state.

According to the accounts of the local news outlets, he was quoted as saying, “I just so happened to notice smoke rising from a distance away, and when I saw the two automobiles, I realized it was an accident.”

As he came closer, he saw that there had been an accident involving two automobiles and he heard someone cry, “Get the child!” as he approached.

Almost immediately, Rose exited his truck and started running in the direction of one of the vehicles that had broken down. He was successful in removing the youngster from their car seat and carrying them to safety when they arrived.

He returned to the scene to assist a lady who was trapped in the second vehicle, but no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to open the door to the vehicle.

He said, “I simply had a sense in the pit of my stomach that I wasn’t going to let someone die or anything like that.”

Even after the emergency services came, Rose remained with the family until assistance was provided.

Rose said that he was the one who felt grateful after the accident, despite the fact that the persons involved in the accident praised him for stopping to assist them.

“I really hope that your good fortune will return. He said that “It is something that constantly comes back.” “Instances like that don’t throw me off at all.”

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