VIDEO: A flight attendant who is 86 years old has broken the record for the world’s longest in service, and she has no plans to retire…

The vast majority of individuals rely on their wages to survive. One lady, however, has managed to keep her job for more than 60 years. Bette Nash started her career in the airline industry by becoming a flight attendant for Eastern Airlines, which is now known as American Airlines. She has seen the transition of her industry’s systems from chalkboards to computers, and she now has a place in the Guinness World Records for her illustrious and lengthy career as a flight attendant.

In 1957, when she was just 21 years old, Bette launched the sky-high career that would take her all the way to the top. When she first started out in the industry, plane tickets were around $12 each, and passengers didn’t have to make reservations for their flights many months in advance. In the past, the flight attendant was also known for providing passengers with lobster and Marlboro cigarettes. Nash has left quite an indelible mark on passengers throughout the course of the many years that she has spent working in the airline industry. A significant number of passengers have come forward and said that their most enjoyable flights have been those on which Nash has been operating. As a result of her decades of service in the air, Nash has earned the status of a superstar in her own right.

Nash said that working as a flight attendant had been her lifelong ambition when reflecting on her highly successful and lengthy professional career. She said that the work had allowed her to satisfy her passion for interacting with different people and traveling the globe. The well-known flight attendant may even bring a passenger to the center of the aisle to conduct cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), which is a requirement that must be met once every year.

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Nash has said that despite the fact that she has spent years and even decades working in her field, she still feels that being a flight attendant was the best decision she could have made.

In an interview that was conducted exclusively on CNN, Nash stated:

“When the flight attendant stepped across the corridor, I was 16 years old at the time, and I said, “That’s for me.”

Nash continued by saying that she couldn’t have gone in any other direction with her professional life. “Simply put, this has been the ideal way to build a career. It has provided me with an outlet for my love of people, and I like to believe that I’ve been of good service to other people as a result “She raved about it.

Her many years spent as a celebrity in the air have earned her the acclaim of regular travelers who have nothing but praise for her. In 2017, a traveler relayed the following to The Daily Mail: “Bette’s ability to bring the temperature of the whole airplane up to a comfortable level is, in my opinion, her most astonishing and impressive trait. You go on and eventually run into her; she not only recognizes your name but also recalls the discussion that she was having with you the day before, the week before, or the month before.”

Nash expressed her gratitude to her customers and her excitement at the opportunity to interact with her regular flyers more often. “My folks have my heart. I like flying on the same aircraft every time because it allows me to get to know my clients better “— I quote her. In addition, Nash said that she takes pleasure in making a good difference in the travel experiences of other individuals.

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“Onboard, I always look forward to my three-minute chats with passengers. And I am often astounded by the fascinating jobs, trips, and lifestyles that other people lead. Why shouldn’t I work as long as my body is able and my health is good? It is still enjoyable “Nash said.

Nash acknowledged that even when she entertained the idea of retiring, she was unable to leave her current position since it was her “happy spot.” When I come to work, even on days when I’m toying with the idea of retiring, I tell myself, “I can’t do that.” “— I quote her.

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