VIDEO: A man who is blind has developed a smart cane that identifies one’s surroundings through the use of Google Maps and sensors….

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Blind persons now have access to a completely new level of mobility made possible by the introduction of an electronic cane.

The WeWalk smart cane incorporates ultrasonic sensors into its handle, which then vibrates to alert the user of adjacent obstructions.

This serves two purposes: first, it protects people from low-hanging objects, and second, it alerts users to obstructions that are above chest level.

The Bluetooth technology of a smartphone can be coupled with the cane so that it can be easily controlled.

Because it is also coupled with the Voice Assistant software and Google Maps software, it is able to use its built-in speakers to provide the user with information about nearby stores and infrastructure features that the user may not be able to see.

WeWalk CEO and co-founder Kursat Ceylan, who is also blind, explained to CNN that he helped develop the cane out of a desire to use current technology as a tool for people who are visually impaired. Ceylan is also blind.

He was quoted as saying to the media organization, “In these modern times, we are talking about flying automobiles, yet these individuals have been utilizing only a normal stick.”

“Because I am blind, whenever I am in a Metro station, I am unable to determine which exit belongs to me…

I have no idea which bus is coming up behind me… [or] which stores are located in the vicinity of me. The WeWalk is capable of delivering information of that nature.

The WeWalk may now be purchased with a price of $500 each.

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The makers of the Turkish tech firm plan to eventually couple it with ridesharing apps and transportation services in order to further strengthen its navigational capabilities.

This is something they anticipate will happen when the startup achieves more traction.

Watch the video…

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